Help w/ Anterior Pelvic Titl

I am so freaking embarrassed about my anterior pelvic tilt ( see this week’s article) , i hate sticking my rear end out like im some kind of homosexual. I was wondering what else to do besides " stretch out the hip flexors and strengthen the abdominals " that i can and should do. Any suggestions?? I have a pretty strong midsection already and i would think that my lower back would be underpowered right now if i work it too much but from my posture’s point of view, this isn’t the case. Anyway, if anybody could help out a T-man look right then it would be appreciated

Try this: correct your tilt (using ab contraction), and then practice walking that way as much as possible. Initially, it’ll look like you’ve got something jammed up there, but pretty soon your tilt will be gone (yes really). Just practice this each and evry time you walk anywhere and you’ll be on you’re way to a PC pelvis

Stretching the hip flexors will definately help.

Also work on strengthening the lower abdominals too.

“i hate sticking my rear end out like im some kind of homosexual”

That’s my nomination for quotation of the day.

Currently i contract the glutes slightly, to push the pelvis forward this works but i still catch myself walking like this. Does this mean that i need to strenthen my abs? Oh and thanks for the advice Charles Staley i appreciate it

Lumbernac, sorry I wasn’t able to go into more detail in the article, as I said it could be a whole article in itself.

Have you tried stretching your hip flexors & rectus femoris? Check the photo forum for JasonL’s thread, at the end of the thread I posted a graphic of a stretch with some info.

As far as tightness/weakness, this is the #1 most common problem associated with an anterior tilt, more likely than weak abs. Perform this stretch before you go to bed, when you wake up, and before your workouts. Start at 3x/day for 3 holds @ 30 seconds each leg, then taper your way down as you see improvement. I guarantee you will see improvement within a week.

Charles Staley brings up a great point. I try to emphasize this to my clients as well. You spend so many hours per day moving around, simply by consciously repositioning your pelvis to proper alignment, your nervous system can gradually be reprogrammed to hold it in place.

Another possibility is weak gluteals, as they are key in keeping your pelvis aligned. Are you using full squats and deadlifts in your program?

To follow up on Marc’s point regarding weak glutes, it kind of comes down to a “which came first - the chicken or the egg?” scenario.

If your glutes are weak, you’ll be more susceptible to anterior pelvic tilt. Likewise, if you have an anterior pelvic tilt, your glutes will be put at a mechanical disadvantage, as your posterior chain won’t fire in the appropriate order.

In the latter instance, full squats and deads won’t do much for teaching you to activate your glutes because of these faulty firing patterns. In other words, it’ll take specific exercises (e.g. pelvic tilts, unilateral hip extensions against a wall) to teach you to fire your glutes automatically.

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Hmmmmmmm kinda hard to tell. Maybe a bit of pelvic tilt? I do have a nice ass though. :wink:

I’ve had personal success with reducing an anteriorly tilted pelvis by doing full squats, deadlifts, good mornings, and reverse hypers. I had to swallow my pride by going lower on the poundage at first with the full squats, but it’s getting more respectable. The deads have made a huge difference in lower back, glutes, and ham strength. I’m also much faster now. I can’t say which one of these movements helped the most, but something’s working. Didn’t take much either, 3 months tops.

This issue has been covered before my Mr. Ian King back in issue 189. The following link should help you on your quest to enlightenment.

That having been said it’s important that you stretch the hip flexors, quads (well you can only really stretch the rectus femoris which, coincidentally, flexes the hip) while strengthening the lower abs and glutes.

My man above, EC, is correct in saying that if you’ve got a severe issue you’ll have to work on specific pelvic tilt exercises at first then move into more general strengthening once the issue is starting to resolve itself.

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