Help w/ Acne Problems

I am having terrible acne problems on my back and face.I always have but its getting to the point of ruining my clothes, I mean its really really bad. I dont have health insurance and I cannot find a site online that I can trust.

I found it somewhere but they dont have it anymore and they dont know when they will again. I cant take this much longer and im going back “on” soon and I dont want to until I take care of this.

Exactly what do you need ???

And why are you “covered” in backne and acne ??

Try making some sense 1st, before anyone can help you would be a great start.

we talking about perscription ache meds here ?

Accutane (isotretinoin)?

What are you doing for hygiene? How many showers a day are you taking, how often are you washing your face, are you using any topical creams? Do you change your shirt throughout the day? How about wash your sheets every couple nights? Ive been a chronic acne sufferer and have managed to keep it off, even while on, by being diligent with hygiene, and if I’m not I immediately see a difference and it gets bad quick.

[quote]Westclock wrote:
we talking about perscription ache meds here ?

Accutane (isotretinoin)?[/quote]

Yes. I don’t know why he edited it, but he’s looking for Accutane.

Edit your first post please, get rid of that name and ill see what i can do as far as help

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Edit your first post please, get rid of that name and ill see what i can do as far as help[/quote]


Agreed on solving the real problems causing the acne is more important than pharmaceutical fixes.

Agreed on the overall hygiene aspects but want to add that while showers and washing with water are good, cleaning in the sense of using cleaning agents very frequently (including soap, and including salicylic acid washing products) can be counterproductive, actually triggering more oil production due to the natural and needed oils having been overly stripped.

A non-oily moisturizer can help.

My opinion is contrary to many on whether oils in moisturizers should absolutely be avoided or not. Many oils such as mineral oil, and oily materials such as isopropyl palmitate or myristate, indeed should be avoided. But for example one of the best anti-acne products IMO is dermaE brand Clear Skin 3 moisturizer, which contains tea tree oil, rosewood oil, and caprylic triglyceride (an MCT oil) among other ingredients. There are oils that are helpful.

Diet is also important. Increased consumption of olive and non-hydrogenated coconut oils and decreased consumption of long-chain saturated fats (which means pretty much any saturated fat except coconut oil) seems to help a lot.

Many say that sugar worsens acne. I don’t see any evidence that glucose in pre and post workout drinks promotes acne, nor does say having an apple for a snack promote acne, but sugar consumption throughout the day indeed probably does.

Lastly, while alone it’s not the fix, and some say that long-term it worsens the problem (I don’t think that’s at all remotely the case if other needed changes are put into place) sun exposure seems to help. Not so much as to get any sunburn, but an amount reasonable for the individual case.

There’s a problem or set of problems other than lack of pharmaceuticals.

Sorry I couldnt put more time into thinking up a really cool name , give me a break. anyway I just moved and my apartment does not have the proper cable hookups so I have to bring my laptop to my friends bar , he has wireless .

Its actually my friend seans brewery “cody’s alehouse” and he makes micro brews and thats all he has at the bar, he has a really great apple lagger and I usually have 2 or three of those in me while im doing this so give me a break on the typing.

I admit its pretty stupid to leave out exactly what you are asking for so thats my bad. I was looking for accutane , I shower three times daily change my sheets eod and I change my shirt every chance I get.

My diet is not so great right now , im taking 2 months off from training, I made great gains from febuary to july so im giving my shoulder injury a rest. im going back on in october but my back is really bad , my face is not that bad witch is weird.

I have always had bad acne but its gotten worse in the past year a doctor friend of mine says thats not uncommon she is willing wright me a prescription for tane but I cant afford the meds. So again if anyone can point me in the right direction it would mean alot to me Im really fed up here!

Well, if the Accutane can’t be afforded by prescription, it probably can’t be afforded black market either. (Sometimes things are the reverse on that but not usually.)

The dietary changes I suggested don’t necessary cost much if anything.

It’s also possible that you are oversoaping and stripping oils to such an extent as to make things worse, as mentioned also in my previous post.

Acne cannot be eliminated by trying to clean all oils out, no matter how severe/frequent that cleaning is. Doesn’t work. Clean is good, but stripping oils out excessively is not.

While I need to warn you that there is at least one study linking chronic Vitamin A supplementation (as Vitamin A itself, that is to say retinol, not as beta carotene) to shorter lifespan,

a brief time at 10,000 per day will not kill, and for what it’s worth the FDA sets that as their upper safe limit (but since when are they right about any nutrient recommendation? Usually they are too low but it would hardly be impossible for them to be unsafely high, in terms of long-term effect.

And 10,000 IU Vitamin A (not as beta carotene but as Vitamin A itself) may help. But it’s not addressing the fundamental problem, which is largely abnormal lipid metabolism in the skin. The dietary approach I suggested above directs itself at an underlying cause.

Lack of Vitamin A is not an underlying cause of your problem, but high Vitamin A may be a partial aid.

I would not worry about a few months at 10,000 IU. Personally I would not go longer.

For that matter, Accutane (a Vitamin A derivative) is toxic, too.