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Help w/ 3 Day Plan, Westside for Skinny Bastards?

whats up!,

I had some health issues late last year / start of this year. Then covid got my gym closed!

So I’ve been back 7 weeks now.

Currently I’m doing a my own version of SL5x5 .

Squat / bench / row / machine shoulder press / biceps ( mix up hammer curls and cables )
Squat / ohp / deadlift / underhand pull downs / tricep press down

I’m sick of squatting 3 days honestly. So I’m mixing heavier box squats and lighter low bar back squat to get my form down on the low bar.

I am pretty sick of StrongLifts… I was doing SL last year before shit hit the fan. But it’s also my partners first stint in the gym

I really want to do the westside for skinny bastards 3 days plan though.

Is there any benefit continuing with the LP to get his weights up? or is diving into W4SB now a better idea?

Also… legs 1 day per week. Is it really enough for strength and leg growth?


I wish SL5x5 were erased from the planet and replaced with Westside for Skinny Bastards

Absolutely! But also keep in mind that the program was written with the intent that you’re also doing sport training on top of the program. If you aren’t participating in sport, then it’s recommended you do hill sprints, flat sprints, prowler pushes, sled pulls, change of direction drills etc.1-2 days per week


I loved SL5x5 it done a lot for me. Since I was 20 all I’ve done is variations of SL5x5 and kettlebells.

Went from a thin anxious 20 year old to someone less anxious that looks good in a t shirt pretty quickly haha.

I could throw in an extra leg workout with kettlebells instead of the sprints etc?

Think we will finish this week off on the 5x5 while we figure out the first block of Westside then

This is from the first Westside for Skinny Bastards article:

Extra Workouts, GPP, Conditioning Days

Remember that my entire clientele consists of athletes. That’s the reason why there’s “only” three lifting days on my template. I don’t use this program for bodybuilders or physique-geeks. I must leave room for conditioning workouts, GPP (general physical preparedness) and skill training.

If you’re a non-athlete just looking to pack on some size and strength, you can incorporate “extra workouts” on non-workout days. Since Wednesday is your only leg day, I recommend a lower body sled-dragging workout on Saturday. This is just one example.

There’s a lot of room for variety in this training template. That’s what I love about it. Get creative and find out what works for you!"

Yea one day a week is enough for leg growth. If you want an extra day of work, I always liked to add a loaded carry, kettlebell swing, strongman type day.

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Strong lifts is a bloody blight.


Do these with your kettlebells. One day is enough!


Going to run it just as the 3 days for a bit to see how it goes then.

The variation and changing every 3 weeks seem like it would be fun to do. Also a nightmare to track where you’re at though.

Keen to do floor press, rack lockouts then flat bench to check where I am on bench 6 weeks later.

Any tips on the exercise selection?


Pick an upper body and a lower body indicator. Perform these every 8-12 weeks and use that to gauge progress.

I always liked progressing from short ROM to longer ROM exercises, but by no means is this the best way to rotate. Really, you can do (almost) whatever you want

Yeah, I’m going to pick flat bench, squat and standing ohp. Ohp has been a struggle since day 1 will be interesting to see where it’s at after doing a program with no barbell ohp in it.

I’ve never done a program with this much verity and volume. So it’s all pretty new stuff for me.

I’m guessing for the movements that aren’t the max efforts, you just pick a challenging weight. Then up it when it’s easier.

Yeah pretty much. If it says 3 x 8-12 you would start at a weight that’s challenging for 3x8, and keep adding reps till you get 3x12, then add weight next time

I’m getting started on Monday! how many set would you recommend trying to get the max effort in? I’m guessing fewer sets is better to get a heavier weight done.

Any good apps to tracking a workout log? I usually just used the 5x5 app.

Any tips on the exercise selection also?

Can’t wait to get going now !

5-7 total is Joe’s recommendation. I think that’s pretty consistent with most conjugate protocols

If you really wanna get into different methods for the ME, then check out Jim Wendler’s book on it. It’s an old one but in my opinion it’s probably the most informative and understandable book on the subject out there.


Its definitely a good read on the subject.