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Help w/ 2 Friends Workouts

1 is a apox. 30 year old male…
we were in the hospital together, he broke both hips knees and ankles and on top of that was in a coma for 6 months, I met him in a rehab hospital after I was in my own accident that put me in the hospital for a decent amount of time. But anyway I’m looking to give him some advice at least some kind of direction.
He was a professional body guard, hes 6’7 told me he was 270 back in the day but he got fat in the hospital and then lost alot of weight when he got out so hes pretty much skin and bones the last time I saw him.

ok the other friend is 22 and used to be in decent shape but he hasnt worked out for whatever reasons, but anyway he has had 2 hernias, and is worried about working out causeing a third.

any advice anyone would reccomend me giving to either of them?

I doubt if especially the first one can be addressed even by a qualified person over the internet. The second guy should probably just take it somewhat easy until he’s sure he isn’t going re-injure himself which is again tough to address on an internet forum. I could get through this for myself, but not even ever having met the person makes it tough to make recommendations. Boy, wasn’t that helpful.

[quote]Tiribulus wrote:
Boy, wasn’t that helpful.[/quote]

haha dont worry about it I know its a pretty crazy question because I don’t have much info on either one, I just know me and the big guy were in rehab together both in wheelchairs “learning to walk” again. And he always tells me how I inspire him, so I try to help him out…