Help: Video Transfer

I want to take videos off of my cell phone (my son ringing the bell the first time climbing a rock wall, my daughter and I at a concert etc) and download them on a disc that can play on my DVD player with the TV. I have sent the videos to my email account and downloaded them on a disc - but it only plays on my computer.

I want to be able to watch the videos on TV.

Any software - especially FREE software than can help me transfer these cell phone videos (MPEG) onto a disc suitable for watching on TV with a DVD player??

Loads of articles and guides on here

that will help.

There’s also lists of software (some free some not) to help you do what you need.

Personally I use MainConcept Mpeg Encoder to convert any files I have into the correct resolution for conversion to DVD format (you also have to get the audio sample rate correct). Mainconcept (although not free) does this very well indeed.

I then put together my DVD in Ulead DVD Movie Factory which allows me to easily create menus and link several mpeg files together. Ulead finally will convert your data into the required VOB files or just produce you an ISO file to burn straight to disk.

It’s easier than it sounds!

what kind of computer do you have? you can transfer files over bluetooth if your computer has bluetooth capabilities. also, if you connect your phone to your computer via usb or firewire, you should be able to grab the videos off the phone that way.

I am going to have to do some reading. Damn I miss the old video recorders that you just loaded a big VHS into and recorded.

I can offer you a step by step of how I’d do it, it may help you:

Download SUPER, a free video converter that is quite possibly the best ever. Their servers have been bogged down lately with everybody downloading, so you may have to go with an older version for now.

1: Open your videos in SUPER.

2: Choose the Output as ‘vob DVD compliant’, codec at MPEG II, and audio as AC3.

3: If you are in America, set the resolution at 720 x 480, if you are in a PAL zone, set the resolution at 720 x 576.

4: Leave the bitrates at the default.

5: Hit convert.

6: After they are converted, I agree with Renton - Ulead is the best for making a menu and burning them on a DVD.

Hope this helps.

If I just use Super , do I need to use Ulead at all? Or can I just put them on DVD with Super?

Mixed reviews on Super at videohelp -

but I’ll go with Squiggles recommendation.

It looks like it produces (from write up) compliant VOB files but I’ll have to have a play with it before I can tell you whether or not it’ll do all you need.

Squiggles? Assuming your power is still on and you are weathering the ice storms Ok.

I want to clear the videos from my cell phone so I can catch more spontaneous footage as needed. Can I send them to my email account and then transfer them later to DVD using Super?

[quote]Fawkes wrote:
I want to clear the videos from my cell phone so I can catch more spontaneous footage as needed. Can I send them to my email account and then transfer them later to DVD using Super?[/quote]

You sure can mate. What’s with the emailing though? Do you not have a cable to link phone & PC? Or bluetooth?

Whatever way you get them there, check that they play ok on your PC before you delete them from your phone!

What file size are these videos? Emailing does seem a bit archaic. You don’t have Bluetooth or a USB?

EDIT: Or, do you mean, email them when you are out doing stuff so you can delete them and continue filming? That makes sense…

I had a blue tooth thing when I got the phone, don’t know where it is now though.

I think it has a cable to plug it into USB port - not sure where it is and have never done it.

Look I have spent several years recently learning how to set up -run and interpret EKG’s (ECG’s), tokigraphs, MRI’s, CT scans, Doppler ultrasound, and more modern medical technology… so its not that I am stupid. I just have not much time or interest to learn any of this fancy-pants phone computer technology.