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Help - Upper quad/Hip flexor injury


So I was doing front squats and I didn't notice it at first but for the past few months now I have had pain in my upper quad area and hip flexor area. I continued to do squats and front squats but the pain got too bad about a month ago and I figured I was injured. If I squat with no weight, I only get the pain when I keep my lower back arched and my butt out. If I lose the proper form of the squat and relax my lower back I don't get any pain when I squat. Also if I put a wrap around both knees so that when I squat it pulls them inwards and makes me consciously keep them out, I don't get the pain either. What is wrong with me/what muscle is injured and how do I fix it?! I neeed to squat and can't stand not being able to.


That is not nearly enough information for differential diagnosis of a muscle problem, if it even is a muscle problem. Maybe you should get some manual muscle testing done by a physical therapist.


When I do front squats, or other movements then focus on quads, or squat with a flat soled shoe, I get a stabbing pain in my hi flexor as well....its just tight.

do a little more movement before squatting, maybe hp on a bike for 5 minutes or so, and stretch the hip flexor.

if you have a partner, lay face down on a bench and have them push down on your lower back, while raising your foot to your butt, then picking up the knee. Do this in small movement increments.

Or find a spot shere you can face away from something and put your foot up, hooking with the toes. and stretch the quad, and slowly go down until you feel it hitting the hip flexor.