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Help Understanding Test Results


When I had my last blood tests done I had my doctor check my FSH and LH levels. These had never been checked by any of my previous doctors despite being on HRT for approximately one year. The test was done 2 weeks after my last injection of 200mg of test cyp. The results and ranges are as follows:

   FSH <0.7 Range 1.6 - 8.0 miu/ml
   LH 0.7 Range 1.5 - 9.3 miu/ml

My doctor thinks that the test injection 2 weeks prior is still suppressing the results. However, I think that is a lot of suppression for 2 weeks post injection considering that the last time my Total T was checked it was 256 with a range of 241-827 ng/dl and was done 3 weeks after a injection of 200mg of test cyp.
If the HRT is affecting the results of the FSH and LH tests 2 weeks after my injection, how long would I need to wait so that there is little to no effect on the results?


I'm not surprised your LH, FSH values are that low after only 2 weeks. They don't bounce back immediately. I'm assuming you are using either an enanthate or cypionate estered T? Usually you need to keep estradiol down for about a month or so after the exogenous T has cleared, in order for these values to come back to normal ranges. Are you taking any AI's(Arimidex, Aromasin, Femara), SERMS(Nolvadex, Clomid), or HCG?


Actually, everything you wrote makes perfectly good sense. FSH and LH are low since you've been doing TRT for a while and it would take a long time to recover (at least 6 weeks probably more) to get back to their baseline levels after stopping HRT. Your T-level of 256 ng/dl 3 weeks after a 200 mg injection sounds right too; which is why smaller weekly injections are a much preferred protocol for HRT. Your levels don't get as high or as low if you do weekly injections.


Thanks for the reply. No, I am not using anything to keep Estradiol down. My Estradiol was checked at the same time as my test was. It was 16 pg/ml with a reference range of 10 - 50 pg/ml. Yes, I am using test cyp for my TRT. I knew that the test injections would suppress the FSH and LH, but did not think that it would be so much. The way that I read the FSH result was that it was below the labs detection range. I ask for the tests because none of the doctors that I have seen for the low test levels did any testing to find out why it is low. The other problem is desptie the TRT my libido has stayed low and my doctor does not want to increase my dose of test cyp beyond 200mg every 2 weeks. Oh well! I guess that it is time to start experimenting with my doses until I can find a endocrinologist who actually knows what they are doing with the TRT.


Many men have reported much greater subjective feelings of mood and sex drive upon adding HCG to TRT. It will also maintain testicular size as well as prevent drops in LH. To maintain FSH levels you would have to use the drug HMG(human menopausal gonadotropin).


I've heard good things through the grape vine about Aromasin in this regard too, although in the context of PCT rather then HRT.


Yeah, AR seems to like it in combination with Nolvadex, HCG, and vitamin E for PCT.


I appreciate the added info.