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Help understanding results

Hey guys, I’ve been reading t nation for some time now and gained a lot of insight. In question that has been ravaging my mind are my lab results from last christmas. I will be getting retested soon.
A bit about me.
25 years old.6’1"
340 lbs novice/int powerlifter.
~33 +/- 3% BF
Just got to where I can climb stairs and run again. I want to be, well, jacked.
Lose the weight, right? Not so fast. I’ve been fat all my life. As an infant, I would cease breathing until fed. As a child, I would run into traffic until I got my chocolate fix. I’d blame my parents, but they tried. My son is just as big without the demonic temperment (I come from a long line of giant Illyrians, aka Croatians). Pretty strong sex drive, I would say. By my doc got worried last year, ran a few tests, and he “proved himself wrong”. Same guy that calls me “young and healthy”. Pfffttt.

We’ll these were the labs.

Total Test 223 ng/dL, reference range: 300-890 ng/dL
Free test 54.2 pg/mL, reference range : 47-244 pg/mL
Free test 2.4%, reference range: 1.6-2.9%
SHBG 21 nmol/L, reference range: 13-71 nmol/L
Luteinizing hormone 4.38 MIU/ML, reference range: none specified
TSH 1.389 uiU/mL, reference range: 0.55-4.78 uiU/mL
Prolactin 6.3 ng/mL, reference range: 2.1-17.1 ng/mL

from what I see, they look pretty good. Kinda low, but good. Doctor said to just lay off the weights for a while. But he wouldn’t listen when I said i was suffering from 2 years of hellish anxiety and an onslaught of panic attacks that put me out of the gym for 18+ months. God knows what my number look like now that I’m lifting regularly. My doctors are all idiots. They are reluctant to help me because they believe i abused steroids… (what part of 19 inch biceps with a 53 fckn inch waist screams STEROIDS??) The musculature is lucky genetics. The fat, unlucky genetics. I’m desperate to lose some of the fat and am considering actually doing a small impact cycle. I don’t wanna be ronnie coleman… just want to look like my 200 lb brother who is jacked as hell.

223 and 54 are not “pretty good” IMO. However, your LH is 4.4, which is not bad and not commensurate with those T-levels, IMO.

But you’re 340 lbs and 30+% body fat, so the answer simply could be that your low numbers are the result of excess fat rather than anything wrong with your testes or HPTA. If I understand the mechanism right, you might be aromatizing a huge amount of the testosterone that you are producing into estrogen, telling your body it can lay off the T-production a bit. The excess fat makes your body produce more estrogen than it normally would, tricking your body into thinking it’s got adequate testosterone production.

You can lose the weight. I had a buddy who was nearly your exact size and proportions. It took him two years of hard dedicated work, but he got down to 200 at 20%. You just have to decide if you really want to do it.