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Help Understanding Labs

Started TRT about 13 weeks ago, had labs done and all of my numbers were out of range.

Test C - 40mg E3D
HCG - .25ml once per week

I felt good before having labs done, high energy, libido, strength increase etc. However I started noticing sides around week 8-10, my mood was all over the place, testicular soreness itchy sensitive nipples and water retention/fat gain around abdomen. Over the course of treatment I put on muscle and weight, however my body composition has suffered.

I called my clinic to talk about the possibility of adding arimidex but was told not to be concerned with my estrogen level. Instead he recommended that I lower my test to 30mg E3D, And HCG twice per week.

Three weeks later and I feel like shit. I need some guidance.

Thanks in advance.

Which week are the labs from? And your provider was right to say no about the arimidex.

When were the labs done compared to when you inject?

They weren’t wrong about the arimidex… stay away from it.

Labs were week 10, I requested them once I started feeling the sides. The elevated estrogen worried me, because I am prone to gyno. I feel like after reading the forum posts from other users I am taking a pretty moderate dose, maybe I just aromatize more?

Also the Free test was sky high based on the normal range according to this lab work. Any thoughts?

This was my first set of labs since starting treatment, so i’m a noob. My labs were done the day before my injection. I have learned since then that i should ideally have them done the morning of, before injecting.

Some people aromatize a shit ton and needs an AI, I am one of those person. If you are going to use an AI, I would recommend aromasin over arimidex.

Your very high free testosterone points to you having very low levels of shbg, which is not really a good thing.

Day before vs morning of isn’t that big a deal imo. I just wanted to know if they were like the day after injecting or more towards the bottom which is what most people do. It just helps in comparing apples to apples with other peoples levels if people are testing at similar times.

Your E2 is NOT high on these labs. It is in ratio with the rest of your numbers, which are all high. You definitely do not aromatize a lot, certainly not more than most people.