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Help Understanding Free T Values

Hey guys. Maybe someone can help explain my free T values. After reading a lot through here I notice a lot of tests are all different ranges and different metric systems and I’m a little confused. As I strive to get dialed in I’ve been taking monthly bloodwork, keeping logs and watching My numbers. While I completely understand that numbers are all relative and different for each person, I have seen a lot of comments from others such as @dbossa recommending that they try to increase their free T in various posts. After reading through some of the forum I’ve seen other posts Where people had higher free T than mine in the same metric system but different ranges that were advised to increase their dosage a little

My free T is this
88.4 pg/ml (46.0-224.0)
Total T 584 ng/dl (250-1100)
Shbg 32 mmol/L

From recommendations, I’m going back to the basics of just T and no HCG, No proviron, no dhea, no supplements that effect hormones. I’m going to attempt to ignore estrogen as recommended in the well put together video below. I’m not feeling my best at the moment and what I’m trying to decide is if I should stick with my current protocol (without HCG) and wait 6 weeks sigh or try increasing my dose and see how I feel in 2 months.

I’m using 27mg EOD Subq/110mg a week and I’ve been using an AI about every 2 or 3 months as estrogen creeps up. Every few months start feeling really hot and tired. I was equating this to estrogen but it could be the HCG as others have suggested.

FYI This is the video put together by @dbossa and a few doctors and I’m Sold into trying it and going to give this a shot and completely ignore E2 … I’ve been in the camp of trying to keep my E2 in a range for 2 years because I thought it was the root of my problems and I’m going to try to break free of that

I’m going to make the assumption that you know from the videos that I am not a doctor but interview doctors who share their knowledge with me.

Based on what you just said, if it were “ME” it would be obvious that my ideal dose would be closer to 200-250mg/week. Your free T is 8.84 ng/dL and most men I deal with have symptom resolution when they get that number to at least 25 are the bare minimum. So, doing the math, you’d need to at least double your dose if not more. You will be considered an outlier as I am as I require 250mg a week to get 28 ng/dL. I get all symptoms resolved across the board using 300mg. This is not the norm but it does happen. Friends of mine achieve my numbers from 100mg a week (lucky guys).

Thanks for the advice. I don’t know how I’ve missed your videos before but I’m going to follow the advice of this other video You produced below. I’m going to start at 150 and Moving to an ED protocol as I prefer to just wake up and inject on a routine. I’ve also only been waiting 4 - 5 weeks after previous changes so I’ll try 8

I’d agree with Danny. You probably aren’t taking nearly enough based on that free T that’s not much higher than most people before they start TRT(and the weekly total you listed is calculated wrong, but that’s besides the point)

The formula is simple. 200mg’ish a week. Split to 2-3x doses and leave it alone for a few months. Nothing else.