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Help Understanding Blood Results Pre and Post TRT

Hi Guys ,

I have some concerns regarding my blood levels pre and post TRT.
I have been reading the forums but none in particular clear my concerns. Below is the results on the levels I need help with.

TT: 345 ng/dL (288 - 951 ng/dL)
FT: 67 pg/ml (150 - 700 pg/ml)
Oestradiol: 18 pg/ml (13 - 40 pg/ml)
FSH: 2 IU/L (1.1-10 IU/L)
LH: 3 IU/L (1.1-10 IU/L)
SHBG: 31 nmol/L (13-71 nmol/L)
Albumin: 44 g/L (35 - 50 g/L)

Post TRT
TT: 634 ng/dL (288 - 951 ng/dL)
FT: 67pg/ml (150 - 700 pg/ml)
Oestradiol: 36 pg/ml (13 - 40 pg/ml)
SHBG: 31 nmol/L (13-71 nmol/L)
Albumin: 44 g/L (35 - 50 g/L)

70mg Test E IM Monday
70mg Test E IM Thursday
No AI + No HCG

Social withdraw.
Low mood.
Low sex drive.
Severe mood swings from sensitive to aggressive.
Anxiety. (Overthink everything and stress about anything).

Age: 33.
Weight : 84kg.
Height : 171cm.
BF : 19-20 %.

General body changes since TRT.
Hair is thinning.
Acne on my chest.
Oily skin.

My question referring to the above :
Why did my FT , SHBG and Albumin stay the same pre and post TRT?
At the moment this is self-medicated and I really need advise on how to treat the severity of the symptoms.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Couple of questions…

  1. Can you define post, meaning…how long between those two lab results?

  2. Do you drink a lot of alcohol or use any other drugs (recreational or prescribed)?

Makes no sense with your free t.

Shbg and albumin are exactly the same. Your total t with trtv went up and your free t stayed exactly the same?

Look up free t calculator on Google.

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It’s nearly an impossibility that Free T and SHBG would be exactly the same on pre-TRT and post TRT. TRT decreases SHBG is most men and increases Free T in everyone.

I hope you didn’t draw labs right after your first injection, either this occurred or it’s a lab error. It’s almost like someone mixed up your old results with the newer labs.

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Something is wrong about them labs, it doesn’t make sense

  1. 2 Months

  2. I don’t drink alcohol or use any recreational drugs. I only take a statin due to hereditary cholesterol problem and was previously on Lithium 300mg/day for the past 6 years up until 3 months prior to starting TRT I tapered off and stopped taking it as I felt no difference. I supplement with Vit D3 5000iu and omega 3 daily and eat a very clean diet consisting of mostly organic veg and meat.

After reading the comments I contacted the company I got my blood work done through and it turns out they or the lab have made an error regarding the FT, SHGB and Albumin. Exactly as you’ve stated above, they have mixed up the results when compiling the old with the newer ones and misplaced the original results. They apologized for their mistake, although I have been researching non-stop to try and relate my results to someone else’s to get a better understanding. You guys really helped and I wish I posted on the forum sooner. I am scheduling a new test and once I have the results, I will post them for further advise.


I knew it because you could redo labs 10,000 times and never get the same results. This also means they intentionally recorded old result on newer labs do to misplacing the originals.