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Help - Training Images Wanted!

Hello everybody,

I am doing some presentation and I need some good or at least decent strength, conditioning and athletic training pictures that I could use.

I realised that I do not really have many pictures on my pc. those that I found, there are either poor quality, something is missing, there is some rubbish on the side, or person on it would not like me to use it.

I was wondering whether you would know where to find 10-12 decent, good quality images.

Or maybe some of you could send me some??

plese let know… you can contace me directly if you prefere.

I’d greatly appreciate your help.

Best Regards,


Tons of pics there.

thank you for this.
need somewhat more varied pics than powerlifitng competitions though.

training pics, maybe some strength training/conditioning gallery?

thank you,

Look in the Physique and Performance Photos forum on this very site. Should have plenty of what you are looking for.


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