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Help to Understand Tests?

Hello. The following symptoms interfere with living: physical weakness, depression, apathy, nothing interesting, no libido, poor potency, no morning erections,I sleep constantly, it seems to me that I am 100 years old and life has passed, my hair and eyebrows fall from my ears. What should I do? Help me please. I am 35 years old. Height 176cm, weight 80 kg.I took Nebido once, there was no improvement. I did hCG therapy, there was no improvement. What do I do, TRT testosterone, clomid, thyroid?

TTG 7.6 Mme/l 0.35-5.5
FG 3.7 Mme/ ml 1-19
LH 3.4 Miu/ ml 1.2-8.4
testosterone total 356 ng/ DL 245-1600
prolactin 11 ng/ml 2.5-17
estradiol 30 PG/ml 0-56

T3 free 3.2 PG/ml 2.3-4.2
T4 free 1.2 ng/DL 0.9-1.8
2.6 TSH Miu/l 0.35-5.5
testosterone total 483 ng/DL 245-1600
antibodies to thyroglobulin <20 me/ml 0-40 antibodies to thyroid peroxidase 30 me/ml 0-35

free T3 3.5 PG/ml 2.3-4.2
T4 free 1.25 ng/DL 0.9-1.8
TSH 5.1 Miu/l 0.35-5.5
FG 3.5 Mme/ ml 1-19
LG 4.3 Miu/ml 1.2-8.4
testosterone total 231 ng/DL 245-1600
prolactin 11 ng/ml 2.5-17
estradiol 25 PG/ml 0-56
glucose 5.2 mmol/l 3.9/6.1
total cholesterol is 5.9 mmol/l 0-5.2
DHEA 504.0000 mkg/DL 120.0000-520.0000

T3 free 2.7 ng/ml 2.3-4.2
T3 total 0.87 ng/ml 0.6-1.8
T4 free 1.14 ng/DL 0.9-1.8
TSH 2.9 Miu/l 0.35-5.5
FG 4.3 Mme/ml 1-19
LH 2.4 Miu/ml 1.2-8.4
testosterone total 591 ng/DL 245-1600
estradiol 27 ng/ml 0-56
s-peptide 1.86 PG/ml 1.1-5
progesterone 1.72 ng/ml 0-0.75
Alt 40 u/l 0-41
AST 24 u/l 0-35
total cholesterol is 7.2 mmol/l 0-5.2
low density lipoprotein cholesterol 3.7 mmol/l 0-3.4
high density lipoprotein cholesterol 1.6 mmol/l 1-5
DHEA 712.0000 mkg /DL 120.0000-520.0000

Those with thyroid problems feel nothing on TRT, consistent thyroid hormones are needed to metabolize testosterone in the liver. Your TSH is all over the place and tells me your pituitary is unhappy with the amount of thyroid hormone.

You TSH is indicating you have hypothyroidism, whenever I see TSH scores bouncing over a wide range from mid normal to high normal, that tells me your thyroid lacks consistency. A TSH >2.5 would indicate thyroid problems getting worse the further out you go.

A TSH score of 5.1, I find it amazing that your doctors haven’t taken action. If in the UK or ASUS you will find it almost impossible to find a competent thyroid doctor in the socialized medicine or state health care system.

Sometimes thyroid labs can look normal and there are still underlining thyroid dysfunction going on, it’s well documented in medical literature. I’ve seen men with better thyroid labs than you go on thyroid treatment and see significant improvements.

Reference ranges for TSH and thyroid hormones

The evidence for a narrower thyrotropin reference range.

Nebido has very long esters and it takes takes a long time (months) to dial-in, some men metabolize testosterone more quickly and need faster acting esters like enanthate or Sustanon.

Where are you located?

I’m from Russia( I was prescribed the hormone T4 , it did not help. T3 we have not officially sold!!! Do I have all the thyroid problems? Can you tell me what to do? I can get you a synthetic T3. The doctors say all is well with me!

I strongly believe you do have a thyroid problem. I’ve never seen my TSH above 1.0, yours has been spotted above 5.0 which is significantly higher than those studies show the start of problems.

If T4 medicine didn’t help it may mean you have a conversion problem and you’re converting too much T4 to Reverse T3 and not enough T4 to Free T3. T4 only treatment is known to be less effective for people with conversion issues. The more effective way to treat thyroid is T3+T4 and T3 only for those who have excess Reverse T3.

You doctor is an not very knowledgeable, obviously you’re not fine and you doctor just doesn’t know what to do.

Thank you! You are right in the city where I live, it is difficult to find a competent specialist in the field of endokrinologii and andrology. Do you think T3+ T4 will help?

Yes I do.

See if you can change the thread title “looking for corect T3+T4 dosing” or something along those lines.

Thyroid is a bit more complex than TRT.

@systemlord is correct on this, I believe. You have given a list of thyroid symptoms, so that is a likely issue. People complain about the synthetic T3 a lot, but it is certainly worth a try if that is all you can get.

I don’t know how to change it, I don’t understand your language, I’m blocked on one forum. I’ll try to find a doctor. Can and here who the will help. First the thyroid, then the testosterone, right?

It’s easier to buy drugs than T3. Only T4. Have us and testosterone in pharmacies not sell, only Nebido.

You should treat both together if you have a deficiency in both. They are many forums out there, T-Nation and Excelmale being among my favorites.

You could create a new thread.

You mean T3+T4,or T3+T4+testosterone? Tell me how to create? I’m not Excelmale blocked.