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Help to Shed Fat and Get Huge


I eat once a day usually grain and protein

Workout 4 days a week routine changes each week

height 5,7 260 lb 30% bf Endomoph


Welcome to the site. Let us know if you have any questions. Might I suggest you start here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/are_you_a_beginner_ii

I'd read the whole link (and then read it again and again), but here's something that I'd like to highlight:

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You are not 30% body fat, i would guess 40% maybe more, so it's time to be real with yourself.

Your main focus should be on fat lose not getting "huge."

Judging by your post from November 2012 you have consistency problems. When I look at your picture I don't see a guy with 18 months of earnest lifting.

Sorry to be such a dick but until you see the problem no amount of advice will help you.


Eating once a day will likely cause more fat gain because your body is literally starving, thus it will store everything it can get it's hands on. Have you thought about actually putting effort to research how to eat properly? There are hundreds of articles on this site alone.

What is your training like? If you want to see any progress, those 4 days of working out better be lifting sessions.

I'm not trying to be a dick, but there is some serious lack of effort on your part. Nobody is going to hold your hand through this if you are half assing everything.


You've gained 10 lbs, and you think you're the same bodyfat %. Get real brother. You're going the wrong direction. You need to get yourself in a calorie deficit ASAP, you need to make smarter food choices, and you need to eat more than once a day. You clearly haven't done any homework on how to lose weight, because if you had, you wouldn't believe fat loss is achieved by eating one meal a day.

You would also know that your post is not enough information for anyone to be of much help to you, because you provided zero information about your food choices, caloric intake, or macro breakdown. You didn't provide this information because you don't know it. You have no idea how much you're eating every day.

This is what we call tough love. There is so much good advice on these forums, but you won't be spoon fed. You HAVE to read. You HAVE to listen. Spend an hour every day for the next 2 weeks reading serious articles by qualified coaches about proper dieting. There are more than enough on this site to fill that much reading time. Then come back with some real questions (if you still have any).

If it isn't already clear, diet needs to come first. You will achieve your best results if you can reduce your body fat considerably.


for a start spread your food out over three meals/feeds a day, minimum.


Stop doing that.

And stop doing that.

You were almost exactly the same stats 8 months ago, so that was a ton of time you wasted for nothing.

What you're doing is absolutely not working. I agree with what's been said so far. You need to seriously re-evaluate where you are and what your priorities should be. It's flat-out unhealthy, let alone pointless, to continue being as fat as you are.

Fix your eating habits and get on a pre-designed training program.


That picture got stretched sideways , I know I am fat so it's not a problem when it's pointed out

My routine changes every week so it's not going to help writing down last weeks

But I start out the week with arms and traps next day is legs then chest and back and then I repeat the arm workout again and that's my week.

Thanks for the eating tips


Oh I put 260 pounds in, I ment 240 no wonder I sound like an idiot. As for body fat. Percentage I don't. Know how much a ten pounds loss is so I put what I did on the last entry


You don't seem to be paying attention to anyone's advice so I will tell you what you want to hear.
(1) Your doing great keep up the good work!
(2) Keep changing your routine and not keeping a journal, that's what all the big guys do!
(3) The picture being "stretched sideways" definitely added 10% Body Fat.
(4) Speaking of big guys, they all start there week working on t-shirt muscle like Arms & Traps.
(5) You're about 2% BF away from a 6-pack you should consider bulking.

Good luck, and I look forward to telling you you're doing a good job in 2014 when you ask the same questions.


I'm certain that happens all the time. I'm really 3% fat but when I crop and stretch my photos, I'm at 11%. Fuck i hate these new smartphones and their software.

Ummm why??

Ever hear of Order of Specificity? It's when you train the largest parts first.

Thanks for the eating tips[/quote]

Calories in/calories out mean anything to you?




Ouch is right.

OP, it's your choice: start paying attention to what people are saying on here or continue to be fat. If you choose the former, let us know and we'll help.


I am in the same boat as you, with similar goals. However when I asked for advice hear I too was told to clean my diet up and concentrate on multiple joint movement lifts, the basic powerlifts, Squat, Bench press, Power clean, and Dead lift. These are the have to lifts. The arms and back and all that are done in addition to these. A couple days of cardio were recomended to me. Not treadmill running put pushing my truck through the parking lot for 20 yards at a time.

Short distance explosive effort kind of stuff. I am stronger than I've been in a long while and can't say that I have reached my goals because I have not been consistant with my diet. I have seen results enough to know that these guys know what they are talking about. None of them can do it for you. If you can't do it then you don't deserve it. That's where I'm at. I haven't reached my goals and it is no one's fault but my own. Similar to your case.


Op you don't sound like a idiot because you made typo and put 260 instead of 240. You sound like an idiot because of every single word you have intentionally wrote since. You have gotten in the past great advice and wasted it... now your getting great advice again and your going to waste it.

  1. Your Routine is piss poor at best.
  2. Your Diet is worse than that but, I don't have words for the over abundance of retard involved it.
  3. The picture you posted was not stretched side ways making you look fat... You in real life are stretched side ways and that is making you look fat.
    4 and lastly. Stop asking for advice if your not going to listen to it. You have some very experienced guys here ( Chris Colucci, Rampant Badger, FlipCollar, and hell usually me but, I wont even waste my time trying to spoon feed you) giving you free advice that could easily cost you a $100 dollars if you had some dumbass trainer from you local gym telling you. Man the fuck up and do what you need to do to make progress or get off these boards.