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Help to Set Up My First IGF-1 Cycle


i got a rough draft of my stack wrote up but ive never used igf mgf or hex before so i just wanted to ask neone what they think?

1-8 d bol maybe anavar
1-4 igf 40mcg(20-20}
2-5 peg mgf 200/week
5-6 hexarelin 100mcgs/day
5-11 tst prop 600/week
8-13 novadex
11-15 igf 40mcg(20/20)
12-16 peg mgf 200/week
16-18 hexarelin 100mcgs/day

as i said this is just a rough draft so it will change alot but id love the input from yall.. thanks


very interested to hear how this goes, i have no experience with this compound but i read it makes you hella tired and lethargic, seems counter productive to a training regime, curious how it works for u, igf that is


ill keep u posted but i wont b startin til after christmas sometime and ill let u no the final stack once im done with it!


give me ur thoughts man? im lookin for the good and bad advice on what i got here!!