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Help to Lose More Weight

For a long time I read on this forum and its help me a lot. to begin, I want to apologize for my English because I speak French. 2 years ago at 240 pounds I Was I start a low calorie diet and I lost 60 pounds. After That, I Had the chance to met a guy who was training a lot and taught me the low carbs diet and made me start training for the first time in my life. Its Been a year now That I lift weight and I eat low carbs. Im at 155 now and I am no longer able to lose weight for 6 months. I want to know what can I do … I give you an example of what I do in a day.

first meal: steak with cucumber and green tea
After I go train
Day 1

1-3x10 Incline bench press (60 pounds)
2-dumbbell row 3x10 (30 pounds)

1-Military Press 3x10 (55 pounds)
2-3x10 deadlift (135 pounds)

Cardio: Tabata kettle bell 45 pounds

After I take a scoop of whey protein

After 2 hours I eat a chicken breast with green pepper

3 hours Later I eat nuts or cheese

1 or 2 hours before going to bed I eat a meal 5th. (Vegetable and meat)
before going to bed I take omega 3, zinc 50 mg and 400 mg of magnesium + vitamin C.

day 2

2 eggs with green pepper

1 - 3x10 squat (95 pounds)
2 - good morning 3x10 (75 pounds)

1- 3x10 lunge with bar
2- farmer’s walk.

and, I have the same diet as day 1.

I cheat once a week because I am not able to never cheat … so I drink a bottle of wine … (or 2)

I often change training but I squat and deadlift ever.

I would like some advice because I am ready to try something else. Thank you:)

What makes you want to lose more weight when you’re already at 155?

I am 5 feet 4 and I would like to make myself a 135 to play between 135 and 145. I want to lose fat so I can see more definition in my legs and my arms.