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Help To Become A Nonblob

Hi, I know that i have more research to do on this subject, but I need to find a “pharmaceutical” Aid to meet my new goals, I’m mot looking for the lazy way out I just need a push, I’ve done alot of diet and gym time. I don’t know that much on what to take or doses and would like to do a “home brew” method. and don’t know how, so any help would be of use to me and any outthere who are curious.

I would like to keep my muscle and lose the fat, and I’m not against getting more strength out of it either.
my stats are
6’4" at 270lbs
squat, 525lbs
bench, 405 for 3 sets of 3
deadlift, 585
shrugs(not really a powerlift but I like this one) 675 for a set of 6

Pretty strong.

What does your current diet look like?

Up till about 2 months ago I was eating just about anything that was near me, with more protien than anything. now my diet is lower carb High protien. i’ve gone from 315lbs to about 270, and didn’t lose any strength it was mostly fat lose, i still have quite a bit more to go I’m going to diet down to about 240 hopeing to keep most of my mass and strength. the cycle I was thinking (and im not sure of doses) was to try winstrol, or anavar I was reading winny might be hard on the joints, and acording to the Biotest guys anavar is about the same as Carbolin 19 19. I was also thinking of a straight test cycle but i don’t want to carry more fat and the expense is a consern as well(of any of these cycles).

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Thanx for some info Bushi. I’ve heard of E.A.C. stacks but have not tried if yet.
my last post I put 2months it was 7 months, damn fingers don’t want to type right late at night.

From what i’ve read an E.A.C stack is catabolic, meaning it eats muscle as well as fat. my understanding is that you wanted to cut down body fat and keep or increase your muscle/power, if you need a kick in the pants I was thinking of trying Clenbuterol its a beta 2 antognist, I was reading on another thead that it can cause heart problems over time, but does not specify how much time.