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Help This Fat Boy Get Ripped

Started dieting about 3 months ago lost 40 lbs now i weigh about 270 i want to get more muscle less fat i grew up with two over weight parents so i no nothing about lifting or working out i have small local gym down the road open 24-7 .and at a good price so if i start to work out how many hours ?and how many days ?how much on chest arms legs stomach legs ??

I want to finally be normal buy normal clothes make my hot wife be proud of me .so any help on this would be great .i dont wanna be a monster but would like to get cut and toned up really well!!!

You will be probably get a lot of abuse as that same question get asked every week - you really should look around on the site - especially in the “beginner” forum.

But just to get you started:
Time in the gym - depends on your goals and dedication - ideally 5 to6 days a week for 1 to 1.5 hours a day.

Make sure you are using free weights as the main load - they are a lot more effective then machines which isolate the muscles too much… make sure that you do compound exercises and make sure that you exercise your legs and your back … don’t waste too much time on stomach. And the most important thing you need to make sure that you eat enough and in a balanced fashion…

Also make sure you do thorough warm up on shoulders - they the easiest to damage - especially in the beginning.

A lot of it depends on getting your nutrition sorted out . Which means:

5 to 6 meals a day
An adequate amt of protein (at least 1g per lb of lean body mass)
Low Glycemic index carbs (ie non-starchy fruits and veg)
Good Fats (almond avocado omega 3)

I am going to copy and paste a paragraph I have used a lot lately in these threads:

I hightly recommend Dr. John Berardi’s “The Metabolism Advantage: An 8-Week Program to Rev Up Your Body’s Fat-Burning Machine—At Any Age”

Around 17.00 at Amazon, and price gets you access to a terrific online forum.

This will be the best 17.00 you ever spent/

Explains how to raise your metabolism, includes meal plans, recipes, workouts etc.

Once you log on to the forum you will find a great online calorie calculator that helps you figure out the ratio of protein fat carbs you need for your goal. (note that DR. Berardi says people w lower metabolisms may need to adjust it down by 15 to 20% whch was my case).

Dr. Berardi writes for T-Nation if you want to get a sense of his stuff.

Best Of Luck!