Help, Things are Falling Apart...

Well, first, you are going to have to forgive me for my english(not my first language). The thing is, about four months ago I was at my peak in several aspects of my life, specially my physique. I was doing great in the university, having fun, eating well, training good too(and I was also, single). At that time I met this girl, and since then my life started to change.

Basically, the first three months were great, she is really beautiful and for the most part, it has been really good. But lately this started to change. The thing is, lately I am not eating well at all, my fat % went up from 10% to 12%, I am missing some training days, my grades have gotten lower(and this is my last year, I am finishing my economics magister this year, so I really can’t fuck this up).

I am starting to question what the hell is going on, four months ago I was doing great in everything and now things are starting to fall apart, and all this because of a girl? Maybe I am just obsessed about her and our relationship, but I just don’t want to loose everything I have gained in so many aspects of my life. I want my motivation back(and yes, I am starting to loose it a little bit, that is why I am eating like shit and my grades have gotten lower).

To be honest, I am posting this here because to me, hitting the gym, training, eating well, reading the articles on this site, it changed my life… and I was perfectly happy before this relationship started. Right now I need to study like crazy to get back on track on my grades, I need to train harder than ever and start eating well again for the summer(I live in south america, summer starts in December), but in my head I just really don’t care, or even if I do I am just not doing the things I need to do…

10% to 12%? OMGZ!!! You got a tough life man. Suicide is the only answer.

Gotta try to find the balance, it’s tough working a relationship into an already busy life. But it sounds like you like her enough to try to make it work.

You may have to spend a little less time with her and try to get more done in the time you’re not around here.

I know I never accomplished much when I would spend time with my girlfriend so I had to work extra hard when she was in class or busy so that when we got time together I would be able to just spend it with her and not have to finish homework or whatever.

P.S. Women do have a tendency to screw up training but what would you prefer? Pussy or a difference of 2% in body fat?

Sometimes there’s road blocks in life. Decide what is most important to you and go get it. Hard work does wonders.

Maybe try taking some time to collect your thoughts, but I’m pretty sure you’re just flustered with all that life throws at you, but when you come to your senses you’ll realize you’ve got more than you need, so get to it.

Also, don’t freak out man, your life isn’t spiraling out of control just yet. Communication is key in relationships- honesty too.