Help the Mother of a Powerlifter - Bench Shirt, Squat/Deadlift Suit?

Hey I’m hoping I am in the right place! So my son is 16 and has been powerlifting for 2 years for his high school! Last year in 134 weight class he got number 1 in regionals and number 6 in the state which we thought was awesome for his first year! This year he went up to the 148 weight class and has tied for 3rd and then got 5th place at his last meet! He has regionals coming up in 3 weeks and we think getting some better clothes will help him. This school has the cheap stuff and it’s probably woren out! So my question is what is the best squat suit bench shirt, and deadlift suit he can get? And how Can I be sure on what size to get?

I buy most of my gear from elitefts…you didn’t mention if his school uses single-ply or multi-ply but they sell both…take a look there.

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Has he competed in single or multiply gear? If not, its gonna take some time to adjust to it and he will definitely need the help of some lifters who have experience using it.

Talk to any company who sells Inzer or Titan. Give the the measurements they need and they can make the suggestions to you. Titan tends to be preferred by single ply lifters and Inzer in the multiply realm - tho that’s just an average, not gospel.