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Help - Testosterone Boosters

Hi i have been taking a testostoerone boosters for a few days now because i have sleep apnea and my testosterone levels were boarderline bottom. In your opinion how long will these take before i see a difference in everyday life like tiredness and fatique please. I am only 30 yrs old and slightly overweight i have been doing bodyweight exercises as i hate the gym. the ones i have been doing is pull ups dips and press up

These don’t work in my opinion. I would expect that many share this opinion.

You need to dig deaper. Why is T low? Pituitary not working right or testes do not?

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fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol - could be too low

TRT will make apnea and snoring worse.

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The biggest challenge is finding a doctor who is not an idiot. You need to be informed.

Some T boosters may cause low T or make things worse.

Many here have thyroid problems, often caused by iodine deficiency from not using iodized salt. Thyroid problems can make low T worse, or cause low T. Low thyroid function symptoms are fatigue, feeling cold easily, weight gain, sparse outer eyebrows, low mood / depression issues …