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Help: Tested Positive for Boldenol, Never Took Anything

I’m not entirely sure this is the usual topic for this thread, but I having looked through other conversations here, you guys all seem well versed in the topic of anabolics.

I recently was told that I tested positive for Boldenol and that my only option was pay for an IRMS test to “prove” whether or not I had taken anything. The results are now back and apparently they are also positive. I haven’t ever taken any performance enhancers, let alone injectable steroids. I mean it doesn’t seem possible to accidentally inject yourself!?

I was hoping someone would know from my results if it’s possible that I have taken some contaminated supplements, or are they testing the wrong pee???

Any help is immensely appreciated. I’ve already spent all my money on the IRMS test (including my physio money, as I injured myself in the run up to the comp).

613C-value Endogenous Reference Substances

Boldenone (B) -26,39

Pregnanediol (PD) -21,57

5p-androst-1-ene-17p-ol-30ne(BM) -26,57

On a side-note, I’m just over 5’5 and lift in the under 60kg class. Does that seem possible/consistent with Boldenone usage??

Thanks again

what supplements were you taking?

FWIW, i don’t think CIR testing is normally urine, but actually blood… but i could be wrong.

Height and weight are not an indicator of steroid usage. Steroid users can be very lean and very strong. So I’m not sure why you asked if it was ‘possible’ for someone your size to be on boldenone. You could literally be on ANYTHING.

You took something. If you’re actually being honest with us, you should list every single supplement you’ve taken over the last 4 months. That’s the only way to figure outt what happened. My guess is there are oral steroids that can show up as boldenone on tests.

I don’t know what organization is testing you for steroids, but the bottom line is that you took steroids, whether you knew it or not. You failed a drug test. You’re responsible for everything you put in your body. If you’re playing a sport, you should tell your coach, or the governing body, EVERY SINGLE SUPPLEMENT you take. If you do not do this, you have no recourse after you test positive. If you HAD done this, and it turned out one of those supplements was illegally tainted, you would have a case. As it stands, it seems you do not.

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I’ve taken pre workout with low dose SARMs in them. Anything not purchased from a big name supplement store like GNC could have anything from pro hormones to SARMs

I agree insofar as I am fully responsible for what I take, and if something is tainted then that’s something I have to deal with. That said, there’s not really a “governing body” here. There’s no-one to run things by, and what I wanted to find out was whether or not there was an issue with the test (i.e. are these levels consistent with contamination or has something been mixed up). If I have taken something contaminated, I can deal with that, but that’s not what happens in this situation. They don’t tell you that you have steroid levels consistent with a contaminated supplement (which I assume would be clear from the levels). They just say something to the effect of you got caught, you’re f*cked. There doesn’t seem to be any appeal system to avail of and I can’t afford to test the B-sample (about €2,400 and I’ve already spent €880 on the IRMS test).

You seem to feel that if the test is positive, I took something? Can I ask why? You don’t think there’s room for human error? Some kind of mix up, or is that out of the quesiton?

Thanks for your response

The test I got was CIRMS with urine (they don’t have my blood… I did offer it, but anyway…). I was taking supplements from 2 major suppliers (one UK and one US), all supplements were single ingredient. Statistically speaking (based on the report a few years ago stating that 18% of UK and US supp’s tested were contaminated, the majority being pre-mixed workout shakes) I’d have to assume there’s less than a 10% chance of contamination. The only thing close to questionable I took was Beta Ecdysterone (for 5 days, about 8 or 9 weeks before comp), and that was just (stupid) curiosity. Other than that I was taking:

Beta Alanine
Citrulline Malate
PEA (I know it’s not allowed “in competition”)
B6 & B12
Ornithine AKG
Grape Seed Extract

I know that’s quite a lot, but none of them seem that particularly worrisome. I contacted both supplements companies and both seemed reasonably able to justify why their stuff wouldn’t be contaminated… or is that painfully naive of me??? I thought it would be obvious from the test results whether or not the amount of boldenone present was too low to be from performance enhancement use.

Oh, and thanks to flipcollar for mentioning that steroid users don’t have to be huge (though would there be any point in taking boldenone if not for size?). Is it visually obvious?? I can post a pic of me if that helps to tell…???

Thanks again for any help!!

How did you know there were SARMS in your pre??? I don’t know what SARMS are/do… would the effects be noticeable?? (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators means they make things grow, right!?)

Thanks for replying

i don’t believe that they typically know the level of drug metabolites in your test, unless they’re specifically testing for a level (like they do when they’re checking total testosterone from blood). more like a pass-fail…

as far as the list of supplements… that’s a lot of stuff. it’s not unlikely at all that you got something contaminated in that batch of stuff.

they do test for levels, then they have a cut off, I know the the ncaa one is like 2ng/ML for AAS

I don’t understand what you’re saying here. Can you be less vague? What organization is testing you? How can you be tested if there’s not a governing body? That doesn’t make sense. There has to be SOMEONE you can talk to, if you’re being tested.

It’s highly unlikely that your sample was contaminated, switched, etc. That pretty much never happens. Plus you said you’ve already tested positive twice. That’s confirming.

So to directly answer your question, I think it’s wishful thinking on your part to assume human error. The odds of that are so slim that I would say yes, it’s out of the question, unless you can prove/demonstrate an egregious error in their handling of the sample that would make this questionable. You haven’t suggested anything to that point thus far, so I assume it’s not the case.

A couple more things. Boldenone can help someone gain strength without gaining size. It can also help with body recomposition. Several things aside from size can be achieved. General athleticism could be improved. And no to your question about it being visually obvious. There are thousands upon thousands of people in this world taking steroids who you could look at and not even know for sure if they work out or not. I’m not exaggerating. So a picture of you would be completely useless.

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which AAS? they all have different metabolites and testing levels…

look up drug free sport SMART testing, there was leaked doucment in 08 that said what they test for and what the cut offs are, and all the AAS where 2ng, drug free sport is the org that runs NCAA testing btw

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cool- i will look into that!

Ok, I get your puzzlement, but I think it was clear that I didn’t mean there wasn’t ANY governing body, just that it’s not as simple as you’d mentioned. It was initially suggested I don’t talk to my national body as they aren’t in any way involved - it’s between me and the WADA lab (I don’t make the rules on this).

So far, I was led to believe that it was WADA that decides on these cases, it turns out WADA doesn’t. I talked to the head of the whole organization (I don’t want to list it until the ruling is final) who had said his hands are tied by the labs ruling, which apparently isn’t quite true but that’s not really the point. The point is I haven’t taken anything (intentionally/knowingly) so I’d like to know what happened. They test the same sample twice with different tests (it makes sense, but means the costs for thorough testing of both A and B sample are pretty astronomical) so any contamination would effect both tests, though I agree it’s less likely that a contaminated supplement (the guy who was taking the samples didn’t know what he was doing… I didn’t bother mentioning it because it’s irrelevant now and I didn’t want bore everyone with endless details). The last message I received in relation to this mentioned that if I had proof of contaminated supplement, I might have some grounds for appeal, so that’s where I’m looking.

I listed the supplements above, so I’m not sure if you think there’s something suspicious in there, but my plan now is to buy a kit for testing and while it’s probably not infallible it should help me narrow down my choices. Then I send them off to the lab


I’m surprised that there would be no visible indication of steroid usage, but I’ll have to take your word for it as this is all pretty new to me. But, anyway, I’m grateful for your feedback. Thanks for taking the time.

Boldenone. I’ve written the levels above in the original post (though it’s the levels of carbon isotopes, so I’m not sure how to relate that in liquid terms). I was told that prior to the beginning of 2015 my levels would have been a negative, which is partly what spurred me to get the CIRMS test done. I was also told that the lab assistant who did the test mentioned that at the levels present it could have been natural. It seemed like there was a good chance that this was the case, but it retrospect, this seems a little naive of me…

OMG… that’s so cheap. I was charged over $1,000 for the CIRMS test (no choice as the organization picks the lab), and was told it’s nearly $2,500 to get the B-sample tested! …don’t ask how it’s more expensive to do the same test on a different pee sample. Life’s not fair is the only answer I have so far

why would we be able to tell if the supplements you took were “suspicious?” if they were contaminated, you’d have to test them to figure out which one it was…