Help - Tendons Hurting All Over

I’ve been training for 2 decades, and doing two fairly light cycles a year since 2006. For the first time, I’m considering giving it all up, at least for one-two months, as my damn tendons hurt all over.

Now, I’ve had some slight injuries over the years, but nothing too serious, so I really don’t think it’s the training since I’ve got flaming tendons all over (right/left side, upper/lower body)and if I had been training stupidly all this time I would paid the price way before.

I’m sick and tired of using ice packs all the time since October, and have put tons of money in ART treatments. I’ve seen many therapists over the years, and for a while now I’ve found my best one, a combo chiro-ART guy that masters the Graston as well. So again, I can’t pinpoint care as a cause, and fail to see how I could improve very much on what I’m doing. Same with stretching / flexibility.

It leaves age and roids in the equation. I can see how age can creep up on us, but all of sudden like that? Don’t think so.

My favorite AAS combo has been by far Tren+Mast+Test, at around 600mg-1g a week. Great results, feels good, horny as a human can possibly be, etc. I’m starting to wonder about how healthy it is for tendons though. Most of my current tendon flare ups started in October of 2010, while I was off, not on, so again, hard to say, but I did feel the pain during the previous cycle, though very slightly.

I’ve never done either Deca or HGH, and I know how some people rave on these two for the joints, so after my off period from training and ASS, I’ll give this a try. But I’m certainly open to suggestions!

For training, any time in the past I’ve taken a week or two off, or lighten the load, it seem old nagging pains have popped up, only to be ridden of after getting back to training (and with ART treatments). So it does make me wonder if taking 4-8 weeks off weight training will work out great.

I’m testing different MMA training drills I can do (not much involving bending the knees, and none with the heavy bag), swimming, biking, hell maybe I’ll test out yoga and pilates as well. If I don’t stay active somewhat, I’ll go mad and probably heal slower. I fully realize how I’m addicted to training, but it’s overall a GOOD thing IMO.

I wonder how common my situation, knowing that many pro BB and athletes are addicted to painkillers.

Have you had to take anti-biotics lately? I had a similar reaction to Levaquin, but I understand any of the Fluoroquinolones can do this.

There are a host of other things that can do this, too: lyme disease (first thing that came to mind), etc.

And there is basic being worn-out and and run down. Take a couple weeks off, sleep a bunch, destress, and drink beer.

I’m a firm believer that to make long term progress and stay in the game injury free, the secret is to select your drugs with collagen formation and tendon health in mind. Your situation is common, just hammering test is great for bulking up, but long term as you get stronger your tendons will suffer.

Especially as you get older, they are not going to heal up and get stronger on their own.

Drugs you should consider are:


And a supplement I have found to help immensely is high dose chondroitin sulphate (5-10g per day), either when natural or on AAS.

I’m a big believer in supplements but for joints I’ve tried quite a bunch and never saw a difference. They would help after a month or more anyway, but it seems almost a faith thing, expect for credible testimonials such as yours.

[quote]Jewbacca wrote:
And there is basic being worn-out and and run down. Take a couple weeks off, sleep a bunch, destress, and drink beer.[/quote]
Lately, I do feel run down for no reason I can point to, as in CNS burnout (yet I obviously don’t train as hard!) but joints have been feeling awful for a while.

I tested out swimming today, and my right knee basically likes only crawls and upper body only moves.

Hopefully, that off period will a blessing in disguise of some sort. I might go with Deca and HGH when I get back in full swing. I have always come completely off cycle (not the “blast and cruise” and “almost off” or “bridging” protocols) but as I’m older now and had my kids, I might go with cycles alternated with 100mg TRT levels.

It must partly denial but I don’t feel or look or act old yet I’m getting up there in age. When you go off AAS, you literally feel yourself getting back to your “real” age in a few weeks. P.S. it sucks :slight_smile:

I think once you get to a certain age, it makes sense to go on TRT. The health benefits are numerous and there are plenty of studies to back them up. It also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to using other drugs too, since you don’t need to worry about PCT. I think getting those tendons sorted out should be your priority, since long term its losing battle as you age.

As for the chondroitin though, its magic stuff. I took it before as a supplement and thought it was useless too. The effect is dose dependent, to get 5-10g from capsules would take between 20-40, so its not hard to see why people don’t really feel the benefit. Please give the powder a try and let me know if it helps.

I will give chondroitin a try, as you seem to vouch for it so strongly. Do you buy it in bulk somewhere specific?