Help TC Rock the Casbah

[quote]PharmD Pete wrote:
You want specific songs, or artists?


Songs would be more helpful.


Did you say NEW songs? Or just good 'ol motivating lifting songs?

Anyway, my all-time top 2 testosterone releasers:

“Got the Life” by Korn
“Closer” by Nine Inch Nails


Since you mentioned “Rock the Casbah” I shall have to reccomend the song “(The)Guns of Brixton” by the Clash. It has a reggae/dancehall sound to it with ass-kicking rudeboy lyrics like this… “when the law breaks in, how you gonna go? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun!?”


Nirvana. Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, or Territorial Pissings

Yellowcard’s “Lights and Sounds”. Kicks ass.

Rob Zombie - Burn through the witches

Type O Negative - Everything dies (hey it motivates me)

House of Pain - Jump

Drowning Pool - let thr bodies hit the floor

The Blade Soundtrack - lots of good techno, energy work music

Darude - Sandstorm


I will even email the song to you in advance so you can decide if it rules enough for a bottle of protein. IM me in the next half hour and I will send it before I leave work.

I’m going out on a limb here, but I can’t get 2 songs out of my friggin head. Both are by gorillaz off thioer album demon days.

Dirty Harry, and Dare.

They are kinda ubeat but they throw in some good rap in Dirty Harry. After you listen to them a few times, you will find yourself thinking about them and wanting to hear them again. Also check out the videos on MTV’s because if you watch the videos the first time, you can play them back in your head every time you hear the song, and gorillaz videos flat out rule.


“Blood and Thunder” by Mastadon

“Omerta” by Lamb of God. Just the opening to this sng rocks by itself.

Slipknot - Wait and Bleed
Seether - Remedy

Soilwork Song: Nerve
Fear Factory Song: Slave Labor

Dimmu Borgir Song: Puritania

Band: Crossover
Song: Bats Fly Free Thru My Head

Oh yeah and I forgot

Disturbed - Prayer
Disturbed - Enemy
Disturbed - Stricken
Collective Soul - Heavy
Collective Soul - Counting the Days
Collective Soul - Where the River Flows

Feel free to ignore these, once I got thinking more songs just kept poping into my head

Two EBM/Industrial songs from Combichrist that are as heavy as anything Ministry ever did (though there’s a definite Wumpscut influence), but still gets the girlies out on the dance floor:

“This S*it Will Fcuk You Up” (yeah, I don’t know why they made the title all inoffensive) and “This is My Rifle.”

I can’t recommend “This Shit…” enough.

I’ve got to get home, grab these off of iTunes and see if I can’t burn them to CD before heading to the gym tonight.

“Hypotase” by Skorbut is also a great one to get the blood pumping and…there’s a free download!

That’s more than two already, but damn.

Alice in Chains - Angry Chair
Soundgarden - Outshined
Silverchair - Israel’s Son
Pearl Jam - Even Flow
Smashing Pumpkins - Zero
Collective Soul - Heavy
Fuel - Last Time

Grunge music always makes me want to destroy things in the weight room. Hope this helps.

Marquee Moon - Television
Any of the first 3 Ramones albums

I don’t know what your idea of “good hip hop” is but I’ll offer some suggestions.

Some older stuff you may have missed:

Eric B & Rakim - Follow the Leader
Public Enemy - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
Public Enemy - Night of the Living Baseheads
Geto Boys - Still
Onyx - Judgement Night





[quote]jcb78 wrote:
Slipknot - Wait and Bleed
Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus
Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
Marilyn Manson - Disposable Teens
Static X - Push It
Seether - Remedy
Seether - Fine Again
Staind - Mudshovel
Staind - Just Go
Staind - Suffocate
Nickleback - Animals
Nickleback - Breathe
Nickleback - Leader of Men
Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar[/quote]

How bout we keep it to a few songs, (3 or less) otherwise we’ll have people posting lists of 100 songs trying to score a free tub of MD and it won’t help TC at all in deciding which songs rule.