Help TC Rock the Casbah

Dear T-Nation members,

I need your help.

The Tunes on my I-Pod are woefully unmotivating.

The last song I downloaded was this groovy tune by some hot new band named “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

The lyrics go like this:

"Catch a painted pony, let the spinnin’ wheel turn.


In fact, I don’t even have an I-Pod. It’s a German prototype called the “Ich Pod.”

Okay, I’m kidding, kind of.

The truth is, I spend most of my time listening to NPR or baseball games, so I don’t hear any new music.

So what would charge up my workouts?

I like rock, techno, alternative, good hip-hop, the usual stuff.

Recent downloads includ Louis XIV, Benny Benassi, and a couple of old Marilyn Manson songs.

Give me a suggestion or two, and if I download your song, I’ll send you your choice of a tub of Metabolic Drive, a bottle of Spike, or a bottle of the new TRIBEX Gold (hey, what good is being part owner of a company if you can’t take advantage of it once in awhile?)

So what would rock me?

(If five people suggest a song that I end up choosing, only the first person to suggest it wins.)

Contest void in Swaziland, Tibet, and Latvia.

How about “Right Now” or “Blind”, both by Korn.
Either one is very good.

Sevendust: “Praise”

Helloween: “Mr. Torture”

Always works for me

Rob Zombie- Superbeast
Cochise- Audoislave

You want specific songs, or artists?

if you are into alt rock you should check out bloc party. They fucking rock. They have some really good beats, lots of uptempo stuff.

Like eating glass is the first song on their album “Silent Alarm” it’s pretty stellar. Other good tracks include Banquet, Helicopter, Positive Tension, Little Thoughts, Price of Gasoline.

Check it out, enjoy.

“Bottom” by TOOL

Trick Daddy - Let’s Go
50 Cent - Disco Inferno
Chingy - Balla Baby Remix
The Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch
Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day
Bush - Machinehead
Depeche Mode - Precious
Eminem - Rabbit Run
Eminem - Never Enough
Ludacris - Stand Up
Mudvayne - Forget to Remember
Rammstein - Du Hast
Xzibit - Losin’ Your Mind

Chad Waterbury turned me on to Corrosion of Conformity with one of his interviews. I don’t go out and buy very many CD’s, I think about 1 a year, and I bought “America’s Volume Dealer” by CoC. It’s probably the best CD I’ve ever bought.

Pretty much anything from it makes me want to melt the bar in my hands, especially “Diablo Blvd.” and “Congratulations Song”. “Vote with a bullet” from the album “Blind” and “Rise River Rise” from “In the arms of God” are great too.

Hope you like it as much as I do. Thank Chad.

Dope- Die motherfucker Die

Anthrax - “I am the Law” from Among the Living album

Metallica - “Attitude” from ReLoad

Linkin Park with Jay-Z Numb/Encore

As Southpark has pointed out, 80’s movies always has an obligatory sport montage that showed some turd getting really good at something in a brief period of time. These montages always played some really weak rock tune with lame assed lyrics.

They’re all on my mp3 player.

Vision quest, Karate Kid, Rocky, Lost Boys, Days of Thunder are all good examples.

And if you dont find them motivating, at least you’ll laugh.

Check out some Steve Earle or Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Busta Rhymes “Touch it” Remix 1 and 2.

D-Devils - The 6th Gate
- Sex & Drugs & House

Mudvayne - Forget to Remember
- Happy

Rob Zombie - Dragula

White Zombie - More Human than Human

Geez man, there are only, like, 2 dozen threads about our favorite music already. (Kidding, kidding, oh my goodness, am I just kidding.)

Top two choices:
“The Game” by Motorhead

“Liberate” by Disturbed

A not-too-distant third place would go to “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground. Mainly because it offers some valid nutritional advice: “…I like to rhyme, I like my beats funky. I’m spunky, I like my oatmeal lumpy…”

Happy listening.

X Gonna Give It To Ya - DMX

I’ve already pimped for these guys, so I’ll go whole-hog:

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Rob Zombie-foxy,foxy
Buck Cherry-crazy bitch

Superbeast by Rob Zombie is awesome. I recommend Scum of the Earth’ by him also.

“Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine
“Take the Power Back” also by Rage.

Well, I pretty much recommend the entire Rage album. It’s F-in awesome. First album of theirs, Self-title.