Help Switching from Raw to Single Ply

Hi all,

I need some help with a few things. I want to try and have a go at single ply lifting. I have been training in total for 3 years (only the past year dedicated to powerlifting) and have come up with most recently a 700 deadlift, 700 squat in wraps, 655 squat in sleeves and a 455 bench all at about 320lbs and 21 years old.

Obviously the first step would be to buy the gear and talk to someone who uses it, the only problem is that I have very strange body proportions for a powerlifter and there is no one for about an 8 to 10 hour drive that has ever used single ply near me. Right now (at 320 lbs) I have 33.5 inch quads, 21.25 inch fatceps, 52 inch hips, 43 inch waist, 55 inch chest, and 63 inch shoulders. I bought a size 60 centurion suit thinking it would be very loose just so I can get a feel for it and there is no way that is going up my quads. I also bought a size 58 katana, again thinking it would be pretty loose just to get a feel of a shirt and maybe compete, but I cant hardly get it past my elbows!

I am now thinking I will have to go custom fit and wait 10 weeks and spend another few hundred dollars to see if I enjoy it. Is that the only option I have?


Your numbers are pretty good. I’d recommend seeing how far you go raw


Yeah I really want to hit 2k raw by the end of being a junior, so I’ve got like 1.5 more years to go up 150 or 200 pounds depending on raw or classic raw. At the end of the day I want to be proficient at both to compete on a national if not a world class level.

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This x2. You have a major head start man, imagine how much stronger you’ll get after a few more years of hard training. There’s a reason its hard to find good geared meets and lifters. All of the good competition is lifting raw nowadays. Seems like some type of raw record is being broken every weekend at this point. Go raw, not for the bragging rights, but because thats where the competition is at.

Get on facebook. Look up Marshall Johnson from EFS. Send him a polite message and get his feedback.

Buy bigger gear or go custom if you have to.

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Thanks guys, I’ll just keep training and see where it takes me. Maybe I’ll switch later on down the road.

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