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Help Supplements Creatine ETC.

I am 17 and 155 pounds and workout regularly. I currently take vitamins and amino-acids(Amplify), and want to start taking something else so that I can get bigger, like creatine. I was wondering if someone could tell me:
-What I should start taking
-What brand
-How many times
-And anything else that would be beneficial

I also have some Creapure Creatine (I’ve never taken it), but am not sure if it is good, or one of harmful creatines, which contain Guanidinopro or Glycocyamine.


Iron. Not the dietary variety, either.

More food.

If you want to get bigget, focus on consuming more food.

Creatine isn’t bad, but it’s not the answer for you --it’s not going to do as much as eating more real food.

Beef has creatine in it. For example in 1.1 kg of raw beef there is 5 g of creatine. Eat lots of beef.

What types of food should I eat, becuase I don’t want to gain fat. And since I shouldn’t take creatine should I take protein, and continue to use the amino acid blend?

Nothing worong with Creatine at all, take it but make sure your NOT RELYING on it!
your primary anabolic weapon is your DIET so eat eat eat and EAT some more!!! creapure is free from any imperfections and it’s the only one to use IMHO.

John Berardi’s Massive Eating would be a good place to start, but there are plenty of other nutrition artcles on this site that you should read as well.

Just remember that your diet is just as important as training when it comes to getting bigger.

I post this for every “I want to be huge” kids post.


Doc. Berardi’s 7 Habit’s

Simple bullet points about nutrition. At 17, I don’t think you need any more.

When I was your age I wasted more money than I want to admit on supplements. Many of them were even quality stuff I wish I had now, but the fact of the matter is you just don’t need it at that age.

Creatine is fine, don’t throw out the aminos if you have them. Eat lots of food and lift heavy things. Repeat indefinitely.

Could someone please show me an example of what eating like this for a day would be, because some of the things in the seven steps are sort of confusing, like ensure that 25-35% of energy intake comes from fat.