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Help Suggesting T Replacement


Am 47. 6'0'' 250 muscular with moderate abdominal obesity.

T total 219ng/ml nl range 280-1100
Free 51.8 pg/ml nl range 50-210
Percent free 2.4% nl range 1.6-2.9%
Bioavailable T 144.3ngdl nl range 130.5-680.7
SHBG 17 nl range13-71
LH 2.2 mu/ml nl range 2-12
Estradiol 34 pg/ml nl range 18-42
progesterone 0.3ng/ml nl range 0.1-0.2
pituitary MRI normal
PSA .95

I was wondering if I should start T replacement therapy or see if weight loss will result in bump of Total T by decreasing aromatase and E2 levels. Would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance.


Please supply numbers to replace normal.
Please add lab ranges.
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Weight gain suggests an E2 problem, but E2 does not need to be high to get estrogen dominance when T is this low.

Get copies of all labs and retain.

You have TSH=3.23 while on thyroid meds? T4 should normally be dosed to bring down TSH.
Are you still having hypo symptoms?
What are your waking body temps, before you get feet on the floor.

Tell us where you are, can help with finding the right doc.
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