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Help Straighten This Kid Out...

I have a kid on my team who lifts with personal trainers. Now, i will give him props for his strength, but he just wont shut up about this gym. He went from 290 to 240 in weight, and his lifts have all gone down, but still pretty high. At his gym, they train to failure EVERY SET. thats right, every set. Now he hijacks every conversation anyone is having about lifting and preaches this every set to failure method, and refuses to believe anything else works.

Now im begging you fellow T-men, please give me some hardcore facts i can throw into his face to show him that that method is not the only way to become bigger faster and stronger.

Point out the fact that his lifts went down.

There is not much you can say to people like that, no matter what you tell them or show them they will blow you off and do it their own way.

Just keep training T-man style and get stronger than him, eventually he will ask you what your doing, then will be the time to set that punk straight.

I don’t know… maybe you can ask the kid how overtraining works… and suggest he go research it if he doesn’t know. That way you won’t be arguing against his “faith”.

Just direct him to this site, hopefully it will open his mind.

It has been quote many times before 'Train to succeed, not to fail!"