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HELP std question

this forum probably isnt the best place to ask, but im going to give it a shot. my g/f has been having some yellowish excreations… and to me it sounds like Gonorrhea to me, but im no doc… i always use protection. but i was wondering being this form of std can trasmit though touching of the eyes and such… would a condom protect me? and no… she didnt get it from me… makes me wonder, anyways. thanks for any help!


She has to get to a doctor and get checked. I’d be very careful until you find out what this is. Gonorrhea is a possibility.

don’t eat it.

I am unaware of any STD that can transmit through eyes/mouth that will cause a vaginal discharge. (Secondary infections from active AIDS can, but let’s not go there.)

Many STD’s cause discharges, but it could also just be a yeast infection. Bacterial infections can be caused by MANY different things, not all of them sexual, and that can also be a source of a discharge.

She needs an appointment with her Gynocologist immediately as some infections can cause serious secondary problems if they are not dealt with. And though I doubt you want to, no playing until everything is cleared up.

Any STD that is passed by skin contact is not protected by condom use, this includes Herpes and Genetal Warts - and both of these are lifelong.

And speaking of genetal warts, they can be transmitted without you ever knowing you HAVE them. So you could actually have infected her… just food for thought.

If you find out that it is gonorrhea, get a new girlfriend.

Michelle has it right.

It could be GC, but in today’s world Clamydia is more rampant.

-It could also be a form of Candida(yeast infection) or bacteria as well but she should go to a doctor and get treated.

Also, STD’s like to piggy-back each other which means she might have attained more than one. Best bet is to have the whole gauntlet of STD tests run as well as Hapatitis panels to ensure she doesn’t have anything else.

Any way you look at it, she needs an examination as well as necessary treatment. You don’t want to sit on something like this and have it end in Pelvic Inflamitory Disease (aka P.I.D) where the patients fertility is at risk.

You should get checked out too, even if you do wear a condom. I know I would. The piece of mind knowing you’re clean is always a good thing.

Take care, good luck.