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Help Squatting

my buddy is haveing a tuff time squating. when i get him to move the bar just vertically he has a problem with tipping back. otherwise the bar tends to come forward at the bottom. the bottom being well above parallel.

Im guessing stretching and postieroir chain work.
I know how much the squat means and that fact that i love it. and want him to keep working at it.

any ideas guys

MY suggestion is to drop the weight to something he can handle in proper form even if that is only the bar. then slowly move the weight up as he learns the form.

I would also say a box that is a tad below parallel would be a great choice. That way if he is falling back he will land on the bench. It will also teach him how to sit back and imrpove strenght out of the hole.

Stretching his hip fl;exors,. hams and glutes may be a good idea as well.

Hope that helps,

It’s usually front calf flexibility (tibialis anterior) that causes this.

Stretching it will help. Front hip flexor stretching is a good idea too.

I would get him to do bar only until his technique is good. Leg press can be used for loading whilst he’s still learning the correct technique.


Thank you for the article.

thanks again guys