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Help! Sprinting Injury

This past Tuesday I was performing sprints when, at about the 8th sprint, I noticed a pinch in my right thigh. At first it didn’t seem like much, so I decided to work through it. But by sprint #13, the pain was too much o continue. Over the next couple days I decided to take it easy on the leg and take off from working out for a couple of days.

Now this is tough for me as I don’t like skipping at all, but I knew it would be for the best. Well, by Thursday the pain had seemed to have completely disappeared so I decided I would lift on Friday. The workout went great and there was no sign of any pain. So this morning I felt like I was up for some sprints.

I did a full warm-up, as I always do, some skill training for JKD, walked for about 5 minutes and readied myself for the first sprint. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the second I took off the pain resurfaced. So now I’m pretty worried and desperate for advice. I’ve decided to take a week off sprinting but, besides that, what should I be doing?

Question1) how many god damn sprints were you doing? im a sprinter and we almost never do 13 sprints in practice, ever…

Q2) how long were these sprints

Q3) could improper form be it?

Q4) where on your leg does it hurt? what muscles?

I was doing 16 60 yard sprints,it hurts in my quad, I think, and i might be form, bu I’ve never had a problem before. Got any links that might give examples of good form.

16 60 yard sprints.

what for?

warm up
agility type work, stretching if needed…what works for you, dynamic, pnf etc.

progressions, 50%, 65%, 75%, up and up til you are ready to go at 95% and above.

Form, highly doubtful it is your cause. You didn’t mention where in your thigh you are feeling the pain. Establish this and trace it to what the cause is.

Chances are the cause is something dealing with soft tissue…normally is for sprinters.

Again, though, why be doing 960 yards worth of speed training. that is way overkill. even top sprinters in world wouldn’t go over 600 meters very often.

If you want to learn as much as possible about sprinting then your best resource is Charlie Francis. Check out his products page and look at the CFTS manual.