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Help Spread T-Nation with Facebook


Hey Not to long ago someone made a post about T-Nation groups on facebook. for anyone who uses facebook i wanted to put it out there that you should start a group for this site and help try and promote it.

I did it because the information you get here is great and if we could start a vast underground following of T-Nation by spreading it on facebook it would show our appreciation of this site and it might even get a few weak pussies to learn about weight training and stop using the squat rack for cheat curls or shrugs.

It might even get a few more guys doing real lifts like cleans and deadlifts. So start a group and invite people who claim to be interested in lifting if you wana support this place.


Please don't. Why?


More people does not mean better. It means posts about beach muscles. Why buy quality protein when garbage protein powder is cheaper. Pro Bush, Anti Bush rants. Is Deep fried sugar coated food OK? Tattoos are for the Devil people. I don't care about my legs. People that don't read the whole article, but ask questions that reading the whole article would answer.

Nobody wants people to come and just post in greater stupid numbers. I know I want people that will spend hours reading articles and asking smart questions. So when I post something, where I might be wrong, I know they have worked as hard as me, so I should listen to them. And I love being wrong. It makes me bigger than I was when I thought I was right.


I wanted to help these guys spread their business a little bit with the hope that, and you know that their are a lot of poorly educated people with respect to training who post on this site now who have probably never background checked a study, guys who come here as morons will develop and would learn something or at least be smart enough to search the archives when they have questions. But I would like to know what other T-Nation members think about trying to help this site grow... Let?s get a consensus


Fuck It, I just Read That Atomic Dog Article and I Deleted That facebook group. TC knows, can't argue with him.


It really seems to me that T-Nation is just a little too much for a lot of people. I think the people that belong here will find their way here, and after the initial flaming (hell, we all got it), they'll deicide if it's the place for them or not.


I know I continually to recommend others to this site. Only one person has ever read anything, but he also made a purchase. I wonder if he still reads up on the articles here? I've been on here since 2002, and that's why I recommend the people. I think a majority of the people who aren't motivated enough would just fall away from here, but maybe they'll at least take a trial run on some products on their way out.


Good post sugarfree.

When someone asks me for training advice or diet I usually just say "Here dude, I can save us a lot of time" and write down T-Nation.com.

I think most look at it for a brief moment then decide it's too much for them.

I can tell you that promoting on facebook is basically worthless. I use it to meet pretty girls and that's about all it's good for.


I kinda like to think of T-Nation a lot like Galts Gulch (Ayn Rand anyone???). I think people should find it after searching for a bit. That's how I found it. I found the other forums and didn't like what I saw untill I made it here. It's kinda like a natural filter.



Yeah, I live in a college town(by this I mean that the population is significantly higher when school is in session than when its not) and alot of people here use facebook. Of all the people that I've met that use facebook,there's not one of them I would want posting on this site.


Who is John Galt? And yes, I agree. Maybe we should seek out really buff people and tell them to join.


I've only had ONE single person at my gym recognize the T-symbol on my shirts. I started rocking the shirts once they came out with them mind you. I beleive that is a good thing!


I am John Galt...

Anyway, Buffness isn't the only reqirement for admition to the Nation, just as wealth wasn't the only requirement for Galt's Gulch. If it was, I wouldn't be here. What we're looking for is a mindset.