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Help! Sprained Foot

Hey Folks,

So I sprained my foot a week ago and took one week off the gym completely. It hasn’t healed much but I’m definitely going to the gym this week. I could hardly stand being away!

I should be able to most of my upper body stuff with no problems although I’ll have to sit instead of stand which I don’t normally do. I’ll do the laying chest supported rows instead of standing bent over rows etc.

My issue is with leg day. Obviously squats and DL’s are out as are calf raises. I figure I’ll have to do leg extensions and leg curls on the machines (kinda gay…but I’ll live).

Anyone have any other suggestions? I probably can’t do Glute-ham raises and I don’t want to just do single-leg stuff and create imbalances (although how imbalanced could i get from 2-3 weeks?)

thanks in advance for your suggestions


mega dose with fish oil…honestly, it really does reduce inflammation, and I am nursing the exact same injury from stepping over on my ankle during a soccer match…it’s healing quicker than I ever have had happen previously now that I’m on 20g of fish oil.