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Help Solve My Case


Hi to all of you. I have some complicated minor injuries - dysfunctions I am trying to solve so I need your help...

First of all I used to have a really bad anterior pelvic tilt actually. (used to have low back stifness when staying upright and sitting for long periods). I Still have tight hip flexors more on the right side.

Now my problem is If I stretch my adductors - groin stretch (open the legs to the side) I feel a big cracking in my hip...

I forgot to mention sometimes my out toes and my ankle in the past(on the outside) used to get numb. Whenever I crack my hips (groin stretch) the numbness goes immediately away - right after the crack (keep in mind I only have slight numbness only on the ouside down the foot - little toe so I do not thing its sciatica). ----- THESE ARE FOR THE LEFT LEG.


The same leg whenever I workout in the track and do sprint workouts - after sprinting I get a dull ache on the ischial tuberosity - a mild pain - nothing big (Think its high hamstring tendinopathy - all the tests for high hamstrings tendinopathy are positive).Also the day I do the sprints I can not sit for long on a hard surface.

Some mornings or after tiring days I may get unilateral stifness in the middle low back (usually right side).

I think these are due to tight hip flexors. I stretching them and also use defranco Piriformis myofascial release and it helps a lot. (I used to have really tight piriformis)

Now I get almost no numbness on my little toe...

and one last thing that started to happen lately.
Whenever I do goblet bulgarian split squats usually for high reps I get a unilateral electric feeling in my low back left side this time (NO pain at all just like electric grid). Î?t happens the second come back up from the split squat (go up from split squat) and only lasts a second.

And now a silly question. can the electric feeling be possible due to sweat and the clothes I wear...I am saying this because If I wipe the sweat it might not come. It happens only when I use high reps split squats(20 and starts in the last 2 reps). If I use bigger weights with less reps it won't usually happen...

One last thing I can do DB swings and T-handle swings with no problem at all...so this complicates the things ... Why it happens on split squats?

I train a lot and for many years... I weight train, do martial arts, running - track workouts

The think that concerns me most is the electric feeling.

Please let me know what do you think? Is it due to tight hip flexors?