Help sleeping

I will soon be starting a new job where I will be working with European clients- and on their time. My hours will be something like 3:30 Am to 12:00 noon. My issue is adjusting my sleep schedule to this routine. Are there any supps out there that can help with this?
Thanks in advance

Melatonin- good stuff.

Order some tryptophan overseas

As a cabin attendant for an international carrier I have to adjust my sleep patterns almost daily and have found through trial and error that GABA works best for me. If you are going for a long term change where you will be keeping to the same schedule for quite a while I think TEK might be right try the melatonin but check your dosage as I found it can leave me real groggy if I take even a tiny bit too much.

I’ve found that I started sleeping better (actually feeling re-energised) after I started taking ZMA. But watch out for calcium as it impedes the absorbtion of the zinc.

You could also try a few Kava Kava capsules to help unwind. Also there is Valerian root. It does a good job of knocking you out, but it smells horrible. Good luck.