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Help Sleeping on Your Back?


Hey, ever since learning that sleeping on your stomach is bad for your back, I have been trying to sleep on my back ever since. However, when I wake up, I notice that I am sleeping on my stomach. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to stay on your back while sleeping so I do not turn over and sleep on my stomach? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I didn't know sleeping on your stomach was bad for you. That's how I sleep.

But how are you supposed to stay on your back while sleeping? Surely your body just moves into the positions it wants to?



or stop trying to complicate things and just. sleep.


I don't know about sleeping on your stomach hurting your back, but sleeping on your side/shoulder sure does fuck them up over time.

It's difficult trying to get comfortable...


I've slept on my stomach all my life. I'm fine.


i dont know how anyone sleeps on their back. I cant do it. Stomach all the way


If you normally sleep on your stomach, you're probably going to rotate back onto your stomach while you sleep; just put a pillow under your stomach so your spine is in a bit more neutral of a position and forget about it.

Edit: Confused the returning motion of 'back' with the body part 'back', fixed now


Sleeping on my stomach hurts my penis. Have not done so since puberty


I bend one knee and use it to prop myself up a bit to allow adequate penis room.


Duct tape. It fixes everything.


I have read that sleeping on the stomach can be bad for organs and stops the ribcage expanding properly, but not sure how credible that is. I think the best thing to do is just to sleep in the position that is most comfortable to get the best night sleeps possible.


the trick is to cut a hole in your mattress



In all seriousness, I prefer sleeping on my back (mainly because I hate waking up with my hands numb) with my arms to my side. Requires some discipline at first but I did succeed. However, if your body prefers a different position it will eventually shift over night.

Quick idea: Why don't you PM Ct. Rockula; to my knowledge he sleeps on his back in his casket. Just ask him how he does it!


Wear cargo shorts to bed and put tennis or golf balls in your front and side pockets.


Not bad but still unreliable. Don't be an amateur, tie all your limbs to the bed frame.