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Help! Shoulder Pain

i can’t really describe the accurate description of the shoulder pain that i am experiencing but it started to get worse today. last week, i thought it could be my sleeping posture when i was sleeping on a friend’s couch. i felt a teeny pain when applying pressure on my left shoulder’s AC joint and it didn’t bother me much.

i went ahead and did chest/tris and felt great afterwards and there were no sign of left shoulder pain unless i applied pressure. the next day was legs and while i was doing front squats i started to feel pain in my left shoulder specifically the AC joint area. it gotten worse but not to the point where the pain was starting to get annoying so i finished up my meals then went to sleep.

after i woke up, the pain became annoying but i can still move my left arm like normal and my shoulder muscles feels fine. the pain occurs whenever i move around with my left shoulder/arm. i am thinking my problem would be joint inflammation or joint soreness but i’m not sure.

can anyone describe the problem that i am currently experiencing? i am giving myself a week off, hoping it’s a minor strain on the ac joints.

sounds like the same type of problem i had for awhile, it was some inflamation and as it worsened turned into some severely strained tendons…i started squatting with a camber bar, and also watched how intensely i hit my chest…

i am a competitive powerlifter so i dont hit my shoulders alot when i bench, but i lightened up on my flyes, and my db presses, more movement then strength gain,…also stretching and a bunch of aleve and ice…good luck with it

Rest and over-the-counter Ibuprofin (sp?). Take two, 200 mg tablets three times a day. My sister, a pharmacist, told me that you need a ‘critical load’ of ibuprofin in your bloodstream for it to work, hence the two tablets at a time.

I’ve been fighting tendonitus and 2 partially torn rotators for a while now. The only things that do shit for me, are lots of aleve (not for pain, but to reduce inflammation), ICE like crazy, stretches and fish oils. Also, make sure you get your shoulders good and warm before training.

good luck