HELP! She's back.

Some may remember my post the Bad News Bitch, well to recap I was in a long relationship with thi girl who had a myriad of mental/physical problems(chrone’s, boderline personalities ect.) Anyway she left me a miserable trainwreck of a man and it took quite some time to get on with life. Point is it was her birthday a few weeks back and my uncle died on the same day. In an effort to try and make things “cool” I call her to wish her a happy. No harm done she was really happy and said it meant alot to her. I felt I did the right thing and that was that. Today my cell rings and I look down to see her #. Wasn’t sure to pickup or not but I figured WTF. Started off “cool” how have you been what’s new blah blah blah. Then it started to turn and sentences like " You where the best guy I’ve ever had and nobody has compared to you." “I still (3 yrs later) have pictures of you in my room/house.” I had to cut it short and when the conversation ended I was somewhat uneasy. A minute later I am recieving a text message " Ur the only 1 whole will ever have my whole heart" Feeling uneasey jumped right into being in a total clusterfuck. We used to say that exact saying to eachother all the time. Please for the love of the sweet sweet slabs of muscle I have worked so hard for help reassure to me that the Cortisol Queen will only rob me of my hard work and leave me a shell of a myself.

fuck…i see this soon happening to me. I just sent a birthday wish to the ex who fucked with my life for a good year afterwards and I can already see it coming after reading your post and looking at what has happened when I have tried similiar things in the past. Dont let the fact that you are a nice guy get in the way with who/what you want to be…and dont let other people pull you down with them.


My hunch is that she tried pulling shit with others, she couldnt, and now she falls back on old faithful`.

Do what you want. Youll the one wholl end up paying the price.

Trust me. One pulled me the same stunt. Just to see if she felt something for me anymore in my presence. Whatever the verdict, I ditched her for her lack of honesty. Bitch.

Can`t you get something better elsewhere? Or use patience during the dry period?

Geez…what would you have done in my place once in my lifetime…like waiting two years before finding THE one (and that includes no easy/meaningless sex in the meanwhile)…would you have died?

Geez. Get a hold of yourself man. I ain`t no Brad Pitt and still got what I wanted. Just add patience and think things through in the meanwhile…

Sorry, man. I just dont want to happen to say I told you so` in a couple of days/weeks.

In the meanwhile, ponder on these wise words from Lost Horizon:

Walking in the shadow of life’s dreary side
Fallen down memory lane
Winds whip the world, just like the woes whip my mind
Where is that time when “right now” was The words
When the heart burned with will like a flare
All I now keep is just damned commonplace misery

Hey man! What is this?!
Sounds like wail of a wimp
Did you let loser side take command?!
Where’s the warrior in you
And the spirit he got
You say - “lost”
No! It’s somewhere inside
And you know there’s a force that unites all of us
Leave the wasteland we together will!
If you’re broken, remember, you got faith within us!
Take now your next deep breath and revive
your old strength

Facing the abyss of heart’s lonely grief
The bitch has polluted my soul
Rains flood the earth, just like the tears flood my eyes
Never again will my life be the same
Nothing can heal up my wounds
Guile and disgrace shall now follow me into the end

I just can not believe it
It’s too weak to be true
Have you really forgotten your worth?!
Can’t you see victory!?
You are now free again!
Look at me!
Yeah! I live my own life
If you once tasted treason from a female - leave that!
Every warrior has a gash on his sword
Don’t forget you are metal, not some ass-kissing whore
Take some under your wings, but she must kiss the ring!

Winds of metal, make me once again
feel clear air’s breath blowing in my wings!

I possess magic force
I am free in my words
Whole the world lays right below my feet
Life of duties and dogmas are just frames formed by rats
How’d I know?
Hey! I’m a guardian of truth
Now! Is really the time to wake up you old jade
Such as Phoenix spreads his firewings
I will help you remember by kicking your ass

And the will shall return
And again hearts shall burn
All the horns now will sing
Leading you back to the metal winds

(Lost Horizon, Sworn in the Metal Wind)

I’ve just had an ex who ruined my life do the same thing.

Run. Try and remember, in vivid detail, every bullshit thing she ever did to you. Better yet, do this while drunk.

Then find pictures of her where she doesn’t look good. Stare at them.

Then, go get a date with someone you find exciting. You won’t think about her again for a while.

From how you’ve described it, I can’t believe it’s even an issue. Sounds to me like you’re pretty set that you want nothing to do with her.

Stay away. Very very far away. She’s obviously a psycho, and will do nothing but bad bad things for/to you (trust me, been there, done that).

Send her one text message that says “It’s over” and leave it at that.

in light of the recent t-shirt slogan thread, i say you should just call her a “CUNT” and get to steppin!

my ex got fat. sweet.

dude, ask scrubmd2b about psycho ex-gf’s. Sounds like she’s got issues. Next time, don’t answer her call.

Change your number. Ignore her.

Well , appreciate the feedback. She called again that night and asked if she would come out with her and her friends for drinks. She said that I owed her I drink since whe she asked what I did with all of the pictures and letters ect. from us being together, I told her the truth that I threw them in the trash over a year ago. She was pissed! SO SWEET. Anyway I declined her invite and said that I’ll take a raincheck, since I had to train legs. Then she started with the whole, I know how training has always been more important to you than I ever was shit. I told her she was right and her not understanding was just one of the many reasons it didn’t work, she agreed. I said her text message was “nice” but that it bugged me out. She seemed to understand. By my first set later she was far from my mind and I decided to call one of my new F-buddies (half dominican/half puerto rican) SO SWEET. I went to her place and she “consoled” me. Still I wonder if “being adult” would mean trying to develop a friendship with this girl who was once such a large part of my life?

Throw her into the abyss man, she don’t belong on your ladder anymore.

Untill she gets her life in order you can NOT try to be friends with her. Someday maybe, now no.

It’s great being friends with an ex who meant a lot to you as a friend and more-than-a-friend. And it IS possible as long as both parties are mature, sane adults.

She does not seem to be mature or sane, so until she becomes so - STAY AWAY.

Unfortunately I have experience with psycho bitches. I can tell you how I’ve dealt with this sort of thing, but I need you to answer a question first. Do you really want to be “friends” with someone that caused you so much grief, or are you remembering how much you liked hittin it and considering the occasional bonus night?

man I had the same problem not too long ago. Wanna know what the solution is… Go out and get fucked as often as you can. I didn’t think of my ex once while I was pounding some other broad.

I also think someone said to think of all the shitty things she did to you everytime she calls or you think of her, that works to.

Basically man, if you still talk to her and shit than you are not over her and you need to be.

Not only that but broads like that take away from your training, and based on your posts in other sections of T-forums, I don’t think you want to waste all that you are investing in yourself. Shit, I remember when me and my ex broke up I dropped from a solid 290 down to 271, I didn’t eat or go to the gym; and I think about it now, I just kick myself in ass for fucking up like that.

If they are ex girlfriends who have ruined your life and left you hurt why are you sending them birthday emails?

If you had broken up with someone who made you feel that bad would you not just want to leave that part of your life behind you and try to forget about them?

You broke up for a reason. Always remember that if you ever get the urge to contact them.

Man, I love the feedback from this. too much psycho in the world as is. Its tough to let the ones who messed with your head and your guts slip by, you might think it will all be all right, but like another brother said, recognize psycho and stay the hell way. smooth advice,

Stop finding yourself reasons to hook yourself up (get in link) with her for any reason. Now you know the goods, so to say. You had a life before her. Resume it. Period.

yeah but Scrub is still bangin his psycho chick…haha. (No offense Scrub…;o)

Just steer clear from her bro. It def sounds like you want nothing to do with her, so don’t give her the opportinity to walk back into your life. I wish you luck. Stay strong


Haha, damn right TonyG!! I’m just a squirrel tryin to get a nut.

I agree w/everything that has been said here. My advice does not apply to normal circumstances. It applies to the limbo period after a breakup when you’re horny and haven’t found anyone else yet. Some advocate just being alone until you find someone else, but I’m a much nicer person when I’m getting laid. That said, it’s been a few years. You have someone else. If you care at all about the girl you’re with, don’t mess with the ex. Be realistic. It’s hard to find true friends. You have to be friends and lovers in order to make it in the end. She already showed you what she’s all about when things get rough. She had her chance and she blew it. You don’t owe her another one. So why surround yourself with people who have shown you that they don’t care about you when things get a little rough? It will bite you in the ass eventually. Sounds to me like you already know this and are handling it well.

If you really want to get rid of her for good, the following is effective: “You were the worst lay I’ve ever had and I can’t believe I ever slept with you.”