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Help Settling on a Diet


Let me first just say thanks in advance to any insight that I can get from some of the older, seasoned vets and provide some initial information about myself.

Age: 20
Height: 6'5"
Current Weight: 210 (Been cutting for about 3 weeks--from 225)
Training Protocol: On my 7th month of 5/3/1; 4 years of in-gym experience

About 4 years ago I was a blimp, weight about 235 with no muscle mass. I think my max bench was 95 pounds at 16. I've gotten much stronger and much more fit over the years, but I've run into a wall with my diet. For the longest time I just tried to eat super clean food and eat a lot with it, and while the gains were slow, they were definitely noticeable.

I've come to the point in my training where, at least I believe, diet is playing an incredibly important role in my successes any my failures in the weight room. I've been experimenting with the anabolic diet since September, and I would say that over three months I saw some pretty good results from it. Now, though, I just keeping bouncing forth between bulking and cutting, bulking and cutting, and it's just starting to kill my progression.

I'll spare you the sob story and just get to my current predicament: at this point, I feel like if I'm not putting on weight or tapering off fat, then I'm not progressing.

My goals are simply to get strong as fuck and to look good naked, and I'm at the point where my indecision concerning my diet is really starting to hold me back. I know that I just need to pick something and stick to it, but I'm just so afraid that I'm going to fuck it up.

I love the progress I've made and I know I'm 20 years old, but every time I see someone who is stronger or bigger than me, it actually just kind of pisses me off and compels me to write these long, bloated forum posts so that one day I can be that guy that some skinny kid is looking to beat.