Help Setting up a Diet Plan

I’m about 155, 5’9".

I don’t know my body fat, but I am not toned and am pretty “soft.” I recently lost a lot of weight (around 70lbs)through running, so I really haven’t built up much muscle.

My goal is to become lean and “cut” as possible, but I’m not sure what type of diet to do. I’m looking to go on a low-carb/low-fat diet to help get my stomach more cut. I also plan to exercise regularly.

Any advice? Possibly even a step by step diet plan because I’m not too good at figuring this out. Plus, I’d prefer it if I didn’t have to take any supplements. My thoughts were to possibly have 2 eggs for breakfast, maybe some vegetables for lunch, and some fish for dinner.

Here’s an idea…look to the left, and read previous issues. You might even venture to try the search engine! Do the work yourself, and then we’ll help!

if you continue to eat that way you will shrivel up to nothing, your already 155 at 5’9.

step 1-completley forget about your current diet plan.

step 2- get a defined specific goal.

step 3- read the various articles t-mag has provided you with i.e. t-dawg, t-dawg 2.0, cheaters diet, steroid dieting, massive eating, etc…

Yeah. Either do that or use the search engine.

Search for T-Dawg 2.0. Many have used it with much success. If you like, put together a day’s sample menu and then offer that for critique.