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Help Setting Up 6 Day/Wk Program?


Hey guys, don't know if this is posted in the right forum. However, I need some help fitting a bunch of exercises into my program without being fatigued. I reckon I need some light days, as I'm going to train 6 days a week. I'm looking to increase my Deadlift, Squat, and overhead squat. Aswell as burst in all these exercises.

These are the exercises I want to do this month.

Weighted pull ups
Single leg deadlift
Military press
Some sort of row variation.

If this ain't the place to post this, where do I post it? Thanks for any replies!


Do you know how to perform all of those exercises? Are you technically proficient with things like “jump squats” or “overhead squats”?

Are you training for something specific? Basically, what are your goals?


[quote]Claudan wrote:
Are you training for something specific? Basically, what are your goals?[/quote]
x2. That’s going to have a huge influence on the type of program you do.

If that’s your only real goal, I’m wondering why you want to train 6 days a week. I don’t really that line of thinking, “I’m training six days a week so I obviously need to do some light days too.”

What’s your strength currently like on those three exercises, and on any of the others you mentioned?

Are your height, weight, and general fat level in your profile current and accurate? You’re 5’9" and a lean 156 pounds?

You definitely came up with a curious menu of exercises. Why do you want to focus on those in particular?