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Help: Routine Needed


i have read about 5x5, Max Ot, 10x10, GVT, OVT, etc....

BUT... i just HAVE to say this: in India NONE of this stuff will work...

you can't possibly do 12 sets a day and gain mass in India - being an Indian of course....

i know i have been lifting for only 2 years now, but i have gained some knowledge...

in India, ppl do like 18 sets of 15 reps to failure per bodypart 6-7 days a week and then gain 20' arms (yes, we do have big guys here - but only a handful, thats coz most ppl don workout )

recently, i started doing some crazy full body splits
day 1: maximum strength
day 2: endurance
day 3: hypertrophy
day 4: speed strength
day 5: volume: Chad Waterbury's next big three

and this has been working great for me for the last 2 months...

u know, when i started lifting, i was 5ft 7', 70 kgs, with a body fat% of 34.3%.

now, without taking a single supplement other than whey, i weigh 79 kgs and my body fat% is 15%...!!! no - its not that great, but do you wanna know how i got this far: by OVERTRAINING....

see, in the west - doing 30-40 sets a day is overtraining right, well, not here in India... doing less than 30 sets is like weird...

now, i don know why... but i am bored of the routine i mentioned above: i want change and i don know which routine to choose and modify..

see, my goal is strength...

secondly, i have a very hectic life.. i am doing Prep School (International Baccalaureatte) and so i have like 3 weeks of chillingout and then 2 weeks of intense studying... so i can't do with "Day specific" programs i.e. day 1 on, day 2 off, day 3 on, day 4 off, etc... i need a continuous pattern... like i can go on and on and then take a while off.... mostly, i workout 7 days a week non stop for like 2-3 weeks max, then take 5-7 days off (basically because of sudden studies ).. and this has worked: my arms have gone from 12" of flab to 14" of hard mass in well - 1.8 years... and my chest has gone from 38 flab to musclular 42..

having said all that:

can anyone help me out..? what program should i follow...?


Ya know what?I got nothin...I don't see how being in India means that 5x5 won't work for you?Has anyone ever not had success with 5x5?Ever? In the history of the world?

So Basically what your saying is that there is a handful of guys where you train that are huge and they train to absolute failure every set?I'm not saying that they are or not but ever think that maybe...just maybe they are on more than creatine?

Just because its weird where you live to train like that doesn't mean its not effective.As far as your results go..no offense I think its great you've began to lift and all but anyone can make those types of gains as a beginner,even with a crappy program as long as their diet is halfway decent.