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[HELP]Routine and More


Hey, i really hope i don't get flamed up the ass here, i've been reading alot of forums and this looks like a nice one...

first of all Hi my name is Alex and i'm 21

i know this sounds cliche but i really want that clean hollywood look

aka Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Ashton and so on....

first i do know i'm not going to look like them i'm going to have my own body and look like me xD

but i wan't to get really lean and get that muscle def that doesn't look bulky... Hollywood muscle is the best way i find to describe it

that being said i weigh 220 pound (100kg) and i'm 6'10 (1m86cm)

so i'm really fat, so not just to look good for health reasons while i'm young i need to do something about this.

Now i can get my hands on an encline bench that i can use if you guys think i should

also i have a set of fixed 13.2 pounds dumbells and then i have another set that i can add weight to and i have 44 lbs (22 lbs for each) but it's cheap to get more if you guys think i need it... and i also have a bar i don't know what it's called (and i'm sorry i'm not american so my english isn't the very best ) but it has like curves it's not straight and i also have 44 lbs for that...

now i don't really know what i should be doing... i mean i need to lose alot of fat... so maybe running?

but i wanted to build up some mass while doing it...

what adivce can you guys give me?

btw it would be awesome to see some change before the summer of next year since i'll be moving to the us to live with some family, you know new life new start...

thank you so much for your time


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There is 4 stickies in this section alone. Read. Apply. See you in 6 months


You're 6'1", not 6'10". That's a pretty major typo.

Running is not the answer. Also, if you want to lose fat, focus on that, don't get distracted by trying to "add mass" also. You'll build some muscle and strength just by starting to lift anyway.

Your weights are very limited, so check this for ideas:

For your eating, follow these rules:


Get a gym membership and get started on a beginner barbell routine akin to Starting Strength/Practical Programming, Pavel 3-5, etc.