Help Resolve Confusion with Transition from GSLP to 531

Unless your work capacity is really, really sucky, yes.

Use the method Jim specifies in the book.


Squat 531 then BBB 50% then 60% then 70%
Bench 531 then BBB 50% then 60% then 70%
Back Raises - 50 total reps
Dips - 50 total reps
Chins - 50 total reps


Deadlift 531 then BBB 50% then 60% then 70%
Press 531 then BBB 50% then 60% then 70%
DB incline Press - 50 total reps
DB Rows - 50 total reps
Ab wheel - 50 total reps

Is that correct?

I would not recommend this - just go with what I wrote for a few cycles. I generally do NOT recommend doing two lifts/day and having both lifts using BBB. Stick with what is written and pound it home.


I did test the 4 lifts today but I believe I shouldn’t especially when I kept Deadlift which I never did it before (always SLDL and was good at it) till the end, I found that my form wasn’t good with arched back, tried to fix it but was gassed out from other lifts, looked for a trainer around but there were none of them around so I wrapped it and left

do you have an advice on how to properly Deadlift other than watching alot of videos which I did yesterday and reading about it? should I start light and focus on my form rather than chasing the weights ??

I’m far from the best person to coach that kind of thing. My form is “good enough” to not hurt myself too badly, and that’s about it.

I’ll tag a few more experienced lifters in to help with some more concise info. You may find taking a video will help them.

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A video is pretty much essential. I can’t tell jack without seeing one

You should always start light and practice the form. The weights come with time. Don’t rush it.


I agree that I shouldn’t do any BBB or FSL for now, though I will keep doing 2 lifts/ Day I guess I am able to do so.

I will retest again on Sunday while practicing my form.
I will try to have a video for this


I guess I was tired from testing other 3 lifts
I will focus my next session for DL only
Thanks for the advice

could you advise on how to upload a video for my training DL?
I am trying to compress as it is quiet big but it takes time


Hi Mark,

I have uploaded these videos so you can check my form and tell me what you think

I need also to know how to stablize the bar at dead-stop as it was traveling forward once droppoed on floor, maybe it was due to floor is not wooden?

I know I am supposed to perform Touch-n-go but it was my first time doing deadlifts and I want to make sure I am doing them right so I figured dead-stop would be much better option

I’ve seen worse.

Pick a spot pn the ground about two metres in front of you and look at that the whole time. That’ll stop you cranking your head back so much. You’re already trying to squeeze your lats, which is a good start but do it harder. Squeeze your abs and lower back too. Try to jump into the pull. Drop your butt lower and let your knees come forward some, then jump with your weight moving from front to back of your foot. It’s a fast, explosive movement.

I’m not sure what you mean about the bar coming forward when it’s on the floor. It looks fine to me. If anything, you’re forcing the be to be too close to you at the start. Around the middle of your foot is good. I’m also not sure where you got the idea that you have to do touch and go. It’s a matter of personal preference and ability. Until you can hold your brace and position very well, I’d actually suggest doing dead stop.


Actually I was trying 5 steps of SS Deadlift that’s why I wasn’t trying to lower my butt very much but I agree on knees should come forward some.

what I meant is that when dropping the bar and while plates are pretty much consumed from gym use, the bar doesn’t stay in horizontal state and I feel it is far from my chins each rep

I will continue doing dead-stop to master the move

What are the 5 steps of SS deadlift? What you’re doing is closer to a stiff leg deadlift, so it isn’t wrong as such, but you’re missing out on leg drive from your quads pushing off the floor. You’re relying much more on your back and hamstrings to move the weight off the floor, which is going to mean they tire faster. This can make lockout harder. If you get a good amount of leg drive your quads do a lot of the work getting the bar moving. This is where the jump comes in, and why you lower your hips. You put yourself in much the same position as you would to jump up, except holding the bar. That jump is what generates leg drive.

If you ground you’re pulling off is uneven the bar’s going to roll around. Either find the flattest part you can or just pull the bar back or shuffle around to where you need to be.


This is what I mean by 5-Steps Deadlift

So to summarize what you’re saying, I should be correcting these:

  • Focus on one point about 2m away all through the lift.
  • Lower my hips so I can have more leg drive.
  • Squeeze more my lats and abs, as for lower back I am not sure how but I will try to figure it out

can you explain this more as I don’t get it

can you post a video with best approach as you described??

Here’s a video of my coach deadlifting

What he means when he says jump is that you very quickly and forcefully push into the floor right at the start, just like you would if you were going to jump. So your weight goes from the ball of your foot to your heel.

You get the rest. The squeeze the lower back is mostly to get you bracing all around your midsection, not just your abs. Another good cue is to hold your pee (you know, when you really, really need to go to the bathroom and you have to hold it?). That sensation means you’re locking in and stabilising everything around your waist and your pelvis, and you squeeze down on that. That puts your spine and whole midsection in a really, really strong position with lots of pressure pushing out and keeping you safe. It also means you don’t lose any power when you jump and the force transfers from you into the bar.


Although there are a lot to digest in terms of good form and technique but I kinda get what you are saying, the issue now is when applying all these that I can remember each note
I don’t deadlift such a huge weight but I aim for that to help me achieve good form for maybe PRs to come

I will try to have a new video applying your notes and I hope it is not too much reviewing my form again

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All good. Greg simplifies it to this:

Grip the bar and squeeze oranges in your armpits (that takes care of your lats)
Take your air and brace
Jump into the pull

Do that and you’ll find everything falls into place.

Just @ me when you next have a video. Consider starting a log on here too.


Sorry I was wearing same outfit

reviewing myself I guess I didn’t improve while DL 55kg but while DL 70kg I lower my hips a bit and I did feel that my quads activated maybe not during the lift but shortly after

What do you think??

That 70 kg set was better. I wasn’t clear with the two metre thing, look at something a couple of metres away on the ground or around 50 cm above it. It’ll stop you tilting your head back

Also, when you’re using small plates remember you’re actually pulling from a deficit. That will make things a bit different. Anything from 60 kg and above be from ‘standard’ height because you’ll use 20 kg playes. Anything less and it’ll be from a fairly significant deficit.