Help Replacing Depth Jump

Hi guys! I am planning to start the vertical leap program “Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Vertical!” by Christian Thibaudeau.

However, the gyms at my school and near my neighborhood do not have blocks to allow me to do depth jumps. Any ideas what to replace it with and has the same effect of improving vertical leap like depth jumps?

Any comment is appreciated!


stack a bunch of plates up or use some aerobic steps… surely you will be able to do normal depth jumps using some kind of elevated box/plates/aerobic steps…

but, it is an interesting question, off the top of my head you could:

  1. have your friend on all fours, use him as the box, step on to him then drop off and perform the depth jump.

  2. run and jump as high as you can, then as soon as you are landing perform the depth jump.

  3. if your friend on all fours is too low of a “box”, stack another friend on to that friend then perform the depth jump.

  4. use a chair

  5. stack plates onto a chair

thats like a prison-style depth jump workout…

depth jumps are gold, if it’s in the plan don’t substitute them, figure out a way to do them properly…