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Help Regarding Training at Home


I am really out of time to go to a Gym and train.All I could spare is a time of 2 hours (without travelling) at home.My question is can I get back in shape (current body weight 117 Kg) by training at Home with body weight exercises ?

I am thinking of Jump rope, burpees, push ups,Leg raises,Knee raises. Is there anything else I could add to this ? I don't have an access to pull up bar unfortunately.

I work from 7 am - 6 pm in London for a corporate firm and then I have to study until 11 pm as I have to finish 20 exams for higher professional qualifications in less than 9 months from now.I am not even allowed to have a treadmill at home because of my landlord and previously I used to play rugby and I have build a big pair (decent size and mass) of quads and I am worried if I train at home for this long I might lose the size and also is there any way I could mimic the stress of my entire day in my training so that I would not get tired ? Previously I used to train a lot, heavy endurance and heavy leg training, that has really helped me build great stamina.I am looking for a training program or exercises which will help me the most.

Please take some time to help this confused chap :slightly_smiling:


2 hours per day? How far away is the nearest gym?

I’m no CT but some ideas off the top of my head (if you aren’t allowed big equipment in your place):a kettlebell or two or three, dumbbells, and a duffel bag filled with sand or… something heavy and soft. Neither of those should make much noise. If you can get 150-250 pounds in the duffel bag then that could be used to build legs with cleans, squats, good mornings, etc. dumbbells for pressing/pulling. Kettlebells for one armed snatches, swinging, also various upperbody exercises. You can get one of those chinup bars that goes on the door frames.



I often work 12 hour shifts for weeks at a time, and I go to school online, so I kind of see where you’re coming from. I follow 5/3/1, and do a 3 day per week template. I plan my workouts around my homework and studying. I usually go to the gym and do 3 quality workouts each week; you could even go to two days a week too. The other four days I use to do homework.

If you’re set on working out only at home with minimal equipment, I recommend checking out the book Convict Conditioning. Lots of good bodyweight workouts. You could also invest in some straps or a ring set for ‘suspension’ training. Throw the rings over a tree outside, and you can do pull-ups, dips, pushups, muscle ups, rows, and all sorts of other little things for upper body. Find a wall and do some handstand pushups for pressing. For lower, do one legged squats or hill sprints. Convict Conditioning has progressions and plans in for body weight stuff.


I work out at home, also because of work and kids constraints. I think you should still think in terms of heavy compound exercises, just as you used to train for rugby, but adapting to conditions. If you are in the city of London, I’m presuming you don’t have space to leave a barbell on the floor, and so your aim should be to replicate exercises using more compact equipment.

As an example, I have an adjustable kettle bell I use for heavy swings and single arm rows (one arm to support while the other rows; keep them fairly strict; better not use too much hip and abdomen twist), and I use a pair of adjustable dumbbells to do DB cleans and overhead push presses. The best way to work your already strong legs is to do them one at a time: I hold a pair of dumbbells to do skater squats (squat down to touch one knee off the floor (cushion) and squat up again. With these exercises I’ve been able to progress nearly as well as when I had time to workout with barbell at the gym.


I would personal choose to follow a 2-Day template like on of the ones in Beyond 531 and go to an actual gym twice per week. You can fit in 2 sessions if you really want to. Then you can jump rope, run or do burpeed at home for conditioning every day on top of it.