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Help Regarding Posture


I have been doing a little reading on posture on T-Nation. I tried to text some pictures of myself and work out where the problem are.

If anyone fancies looking at my pictures and agreeing/disagreeing I’d be grateful.

  1. I think my shoulders are internally rotated. I have been trying to do lots of rows, faces pulls and voyeur shrugs to open this up. Also lots of chest stretches.

  2. My shoulders are hunched/rounded. Lots of rows and chest stretches.

  3. Hips are externally rotated? Not quite sure how to correct this.

  4. I have a massive white head. Not much you can do about that!

I don’t have any knowledge regarding hip anterior/posterior tilt but they look fucked to me.

So guys, any help is good.

The boy with the big white head


Do you have 2 faces?
Have you read the Neanderthal Nor More series?
For your rounded shoulders and hunched back, start by always thinking about actively retracting your shoulders, puffing your chest out and standing as tall as possible (beach posture).

You can do all the exercises you want, if you don’t make a conscious effort the correct your posture in your everyday life, it’s not going to correct itself.

I am worried about what you’re covering up on your chest… what is it?

Regarding hips, tretch and foam roll that shit like you mean it (hip flexors, hams, glutes)!

What does your orthopedist say regarding your posture?

Just stand up straight and start building muscle.

the t shirt is just a bit dumb- just trying to bullet proof myself from ridicule!

Thanks for the help regarding standing tall. What about my feet thought i figure my hips are externally rotated. when i stand normally i look like a clown!

Learn to push your chest out when standing/walking. I had a slight slouch in my posture and over time I did this and I do it without knowing about it. As well perhaps strengthen you back? A lot of the times if your chest is overpowering compared to your back it will lead to slouching.

With concerns of the feet your I.T. band/hip abductors may be to strong again, compared to your groin. I would suggest working on groin strength if this is the case.

If you didn’t notice your hands are internally rotated as well. When you stand and look down at your hand you should only be able to see the first to knuckles of each hand for “proper” positioning. Again this can be attributed to a weak back and or weak rear deltoids.

I would suggest seeing a physiotherapist for a complete accurate diagnoses.

Everything in my post has been said mostly already. My bad.

No thanks for your post.

Any ideas about strengthening groin?
Side lunges?

How old are you?

I have fairly bad posture. Classic slouch. Focus on pulling your shoulders back and down (retracted, whatever)… that’s what you want to shoot for. Generally rows and face pulls are a good approach. Make sure to do more pulls than pushes in your workouts. But more importantly, just pretend like your grandma is slapping you on the knuckles every time you slouch.

I’m not very good at hips, but you don’t obviously seem to have anterior tilt to me.

Lying over a swiss ball 2-3 times a day for a month helped me with this problem.

Lay front wards or backwards over a swiss ball?

If anyone is able to suggest a way to reduce my externally rotated hips - I would be very grateful. I am not able to see an osteopath at the moment as I am not currently working.


Read the Neanderthal No More series.