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Help Regarding Injury Issues



Recently i got some health issues. I felt playing 4th class soccer (im from Europe) and injured my shoulder hard. It was dislocated and the whole area in general was damaged. This happend 5 months ago. I got 8 weeks of total rest and after that i did 2 months recovery work. I'am glad to say, it all helped.

Now, i'm in week 7 in the Madcow routine and planning to do 3 weeks and then take a break for 2 weeks (training @ 80% or so). Everything is going all right and i dont feel any pain while i'm working out.

Problem is;
- knee and ellbow joints hurt a bit during office days
- knee is sometimes heavily popping in and out (i have to stretch, it pops and after that it is okay)
- i have to ice my knees after squat days
- i have to ice my shoulder after bench/ overhead days
- lower back is very tight after office days

I think that the states problems are very common for people who lift/ train for powerlifting.

Question is; do i gonna get problems when i'm older? Now i'm 23 years old so i'm not really worried about popping joints and other irritations. I know its all part of the job you feel your body when your an athlete.

I quit soccer because of my new job and i'm also planning to compete in powerlifting in 1 year, so thats my focus.

Can anybody give me some advice?
- How to deal with these problems
- What to do to stay healthy but also lift heavy weights?
- Are there supplements out there that actually add value to these problems? (only using whey protein now)

Thank you very much.