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Help Refine a Newbie Cycle


Hi everyone.

Ive been reading this forum like a sponge for the last few months and figured its probably time I registered and made a first post.

I am a newbie to the world of anabolics but not to bodybuilding. 6 months ago I would not have even considered AAS due to all the bad rep Ive read from the media. But as with everything else in life, I did my research and found a really deep rabbit hole. What we read in the media wildly contradicts the information proper studies show. It was then that the seeds were sown and I started reading more and more about AAS.

I think I understand the pros and cons involved, what will happen to my HPTA system, the PCT required and Im ready to delve into my first cycle. I would greatly appreciate any feedback and pointers from you vets.

I am 26. I have been lifting naturally for almost 8 years now. Since Ive started, I have gained around 36 pounds of muscle.
My stats are: 5ft 8, 182 lbs, 12-14%BF
Bench: 198 lbs
Squat: 242 lbs (ass-to-heel, with good form)
Deadlift: 265 lbs

I lift weights a minimum of 3 days a week. I go heavy, 4-8 reps to failure, and also change around the rep range/amount of volume and work done every so often so my body doesnt adapt and get used to the same routine.
I eat 6 to 7 balanced meals a day, averaging around 3000calories and 260grams of protein.

My goals in my first cycle are to gain around 25lbs of muscle and hopefully lose some fat around the stomach. Hope to keep at least 15lbs of what I gain during the cycle.

Since my AR receptors are new to exogenous stimuli I would probably respond really well with a modest cycle.
Heres what I have in mind:

Week 1 to 12
500mg/week of Test Enanthate (250mg/ml)
(Split into 250mg Monday + 250mg Thursday)

Week 1 to 10
200mg/week of Deca-Durabolin (200mg/ml)
(Split into 100mg Monday + 100mg Thursday)

Week 1 to 6
20mg ED of Dianabol
(Split into 10mg morning, 10mg afternoon)

Week 15 to 16
(100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolvadex) ED
Vitamin E: 1000IU ED

Week 17 to 20
20mg Nolvadex ED

The reason I am using a low dose of Deca every week is in hope of improving collagen synthesis and relieving joint pain from the increased load of the workouts.
Im unsure if the D-Bol should be cut back to 4 weeks instead of 6 due to toxicity of that 17-AA compound.

Clomid and Nolvadex are the only PCT available to me (paper form) as its too risky to get HCG and Armidex sent through Australian customs.

Multivitamin + Mineral
Calcium Citrate
Vitamin C (4-6 grams ED)
Flax Seed Oil (6-8 grams ED)
Liver Support formula (Milk Thistle, Goldenseal, Red Clover and some other stuff I cant really remember now)

So there it is. What do you guys think?


(** sits back and braces for potential flaming or good advice**)


Hmm, on another note.

I did some research and it would seem that AAS induced acne and hair loss could be reduced by applying Ketoconazole (Nizoral shampoo 2%) topically.

" Ketoconazole has also been shown to decrease DHT levels when applied topically"


I might stock up on some to combat acne induced by excess DHT.


i think your plan is relatively solid.

a-dex would be ideal, but if you can't get it...then you can't get it. a base of 500 mg test alone shouldn't be enough to cause major aromitization sides....everyone is different though....and you are running another aromitizable steroid in the d-bol....so, have some nolva on hand at the very least.

PCT looks straight forward and kept simple. i would suggest however, to start on week 16. if you planned on running the d-bol jump for 6 weeks...cut it to 3, and move those other 3 weeks to the end of your cycle...weeks 13-15. similar to finishing with prop and ensuring that your long esters have cleared.

*this advice is given assuming that you cannot obtain a-dex or a bottle of test prop.

ohter than that i can't add anything else.

the only thing troubling me is why your gym numbers are so lousy, and you are considering AAS....no meant to offend....just a legitimate concern.


Thanks for the input juice, and no offense taken.

Its a long story, I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid when I was 16. My metabolic rate was through the roof for probably quite a few years before my condition got detected by a blood test. I had trouble putting on muscle mass and building bone mineral density no matter how much I ate during my teenage years as my body was constantly in a catabolic state.

Eventually I went for radio-iodine treatment to annihliate the thyroid and kill it. I then became hypothyroid and have to be on T4 everyday.

Back then, I was emaciated and seriously skinny. I started lifting weights because of this. Wanted to get stronger and catch up with guys at my age.

I did come quite a long way since then, but I also know that Im probably very near my natural limits. Giving my 100% on training intensity, diet, rest and discipline only equates to perhaps a 1% improvement over many months.

I suppose ultimately it does come down to a personal decision: and I want to take off the limit that nature has put on me.


Not a single cringe-worthy newbie oversight. Good job. Out of pure personal preference, I'd skip the D-bol and just frontload if it were me, but what you've got is fine. Let us know how it goes if you end up running this.


Thanks zell !

Am relieved to hear that everything is good. Gotta say, the newbie threads and various posts on this forum really helped with the gathering of knowledge.

Will wait for the final pieces of my anabolic puzzle to arrive and double check my checklist again to make sure I'm ready before starting the cycle.



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Hi bushy!

Nope, male pattern baldness doesn't run in my family. My dad has got a rather high and shiny forehead, but he's still got a full head of hair at 62.

However, I do suffer from excess oil on my face and have suffered from acne during puberty. DHT will have an affinity for binding to the sebacous glands on my face and back and antagonize them, so applying topical Ketoconazole would reduce DHT levels (up to a few days from one application) thus relieving the acne (should I get some)

Have read about a few studies showing this to work rather well in individuals with high levels of DHT.

Hmmm, spreading the D-bol into 4 doses sounds like a good idea. So from what I gather, the idea is to keep blood levels of AAS as stable as possible to reduce side effects?



I think I'm now going to have a lobotomy to erase the image of your cold dangly sack from my mind.




Alright everyone, time for an update.

As of 10mins ago, I took the plunge and stepped across to the dark side.
1cc of Test E and 0.5cc of Deca.

All this while, my nerves were shaking and needle phobia from my younger years all came back. I had 2 different websites with injection instructions open and referred to everything step by step. I should also mention that my balls were already shrunken without help from Deca. :stuck_out_tongue:

Drew the oils up with a 21G, then popped on a 25G 1" . Was so nervous that I f**ked it up switching needles and somehow managed to bend the 25G out of shape while taking off the cap. Smooth. heh. Put on another 25G, took a really long pregnant pause and a deep breath before sticking it into my right quad.

Hmm, the experience was.... not too bad.
Minimal pain, needle slid in and a momentary sensation like someone touched a nerve in my leg. Stopped for abit, then continued pushing.

Aspirated, checked for blood and then slowly pushed the oils in.

So there. Said and done!
I've got several hundred milligrams of goodies floating around in a depot in my quad now, waiting to be slowly released over the next few days.

Will keep you guys posted on how
everything goes over the next few days.

Muah hahaha


Sounds good, man....

Keep us up to date on how things go, how your lifts are, and what you are eating...


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Yes! My armidex just came thru!

2 weeks ago, I decided to order some research chems. They just made it past Australian customs today and the package was sitting on my front door when I got home. The package did get inspected. However, none of their compounds are on the prohibited list of OZ customs so it went thru fine.

I got 2 bottles of Anastrozole, will plan to add 0.25mg ED to my cycle now.

Also, I ordered this from none of the research sites usually hotly debated on this forum. Too much controversy on both parties.

Just wondering if anyone had experiences using research chems from researchsupply.net? The chems are manufactured by a company called "Innovative Technologies"

The fact that they've got a hidden page with no links to it from their main page suggests some level of authenticity.


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Hey Bushy. Saw your post regarding the research companies. Ordered some PCT from Innovative Research a while back and although the stuff tasted horrible it did appear to be legit as no Gyno or other symtoms. Have you heard anything about them? Are they reputable as far as your know? I'm getting excessive acne now and it's been almost 2 months since last cessnation and about 1 month since PCT so now I'm starting to question the products that I received via IR. (Clomid-2 weeks and Nolv for 4 weeks PCT). Just curious if you've heard of this company or know of their reputation.

Thanks in advance!!!!